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HI MYTHICAL BEASTS.  So as you know Heather S. (YogaGhost) is so amazing and is working very hard to organize our celebrations of Link's upcoming birthday and figuring out what the mythical beasts are doing as gifts. (make sure to join the group so you know all the info) One idea that got me very happy was the incorporation of funny sounds/noises that Link has made, and linked to Grace (Pheasphant)'s post "Oh, the Noises!", where there were TONS of noises. (I really loved it- I have submitted 89 currently and I'm getting more now lol) I thought though it might make it easier if I made a list with only Link noises. I took all the Link-only noises on that post and will update both lists with new ones that I and you guys find. If you find a new one to add to either lists just comment it below. ALSO make sure to vote on your favorites so Heather S. (YogaGhost) can keep track of them.

BYMB -Millie

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Going through this list & laughing SO HARD! "The Kittens are alright" was probably my favorite from this season! That's exactly what I was thinking when he was telling that story!  XD 

I love that one too!

"Extreme Disagreeing" comes up as the Ear Biscuit on SCld. Where does the sound/noise/etc happen in the podcast? 

Roughly 7:34

its on the quieter side. He says "nonononoono"

You should add a research boopity boop noise! It happens in a lot of episodes, but I think the one in "6 Ways to Make Yourself Cry" has a good one.

I don't think it's already on here, but you should add Link making the lightsaber sound! https://youtu.be/roCMcqQ5DZ8?t=7m31s

How about this one from the High Heeled Lumberjack episode: https://youtu.be/BatcTkZ0Gus?t=6m31s

Link "Yeah! Manly lumberjack. Yeah!" 

XDDDD All these noises are making me laugh so hard lol

"Oh we'll just give it to the dogs!" https://youtu.be/Ip0XlEmJafk?t=11m


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