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NOTE: I Put a date and time tell me if you would like to do it then!





Hey Everyone,

I'd like to try to do a hangout for some of you guys!

I still need to check on a few things but if you are interested in doing it please either message me your Google + name or your Gmail email address.


Date: ??

Time: ??

Where Google Hangout

Like i said if you want to join us you need to message me in my inbox your gmail address or you Google + name




Comment down below when you are available to do a Google Hangout!

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Wait... I know I may sound stupid right now, but what day of the week is that? (I also don't have a webcam or mic, but I'd still love to talk to you guys.)

its a Sunday afternoon!

the last one

It's today at 4pm EDT
We only had 1 person want to "hangout" so we will try this in October! Maybe get Rhett And Link to promote it and join us!


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