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[CLOSED] Let's name the GMM cockatrice! Leave your suggestions!

It was YOUR mythical suggestions that led to the terms "mythical beast" and the Kommunity mascot's name, "The Randler."  

Now, let's hear your ideas for what we should name the GMM cockatrice.  GO!


Lysh Fish has set up a ballot / poll for the name suggestions already posted in this discussion.

It allows only one vote per user and can be reached at: 


Thanks Lysa!  Post your poll results in this discussion on Sunday and we'll factor that in to our decision, okay?

I'll plan on CLOSING this discussion Sunday night (Sept 16th 2012), so let your voice be heard now!  Then, we'll announce our pick in an upcoming GMM episode...most likely next Friday's episode.


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hmmm... I'm trying to think of something to name it thats related to something Rhett and Link have joked or talked about before. The only thing I can think of is the one episode in GMCL that had chickens as a topic. The one with the owl in the barn that was beheading the chickens? XD (thought that one was hilarious btw. I loved their reenactment) I don't know... But I like the names Isaiah and Belvedere.... Although Belvedere sounds a little too regal sounding for that little cartoon chicken. I say Isaiah. ;D 

I think you should name him Rocky. Cockatrices are known to turn people to stone when they look at them. It's part of their mythicality. Plus he's also a rooster, so Rocky the rooster cockatrice has a nice ring to it I think.

I thought that was Medusa... but I don't know much about cockatrices.

Langley, because it was the langley's heraldic beast in agecroft hall


Belvedere sounds pretty awesome to me!

Finley is pretty cool. Finley the cockatrice

Kukulanroose, mythikookoo, cockanter, assdrillcockee (because it has a drill on its ass), Roolindoo ,cockseros may be moon singer or lightwaker

Halibut the Cockatrice

Cornelius the Cockatrice. :D
Schmife Packet, as in life jacket. Or spicy chicken nugget. :D eeeeeh?

Cockatrice's letters rearranged can turn into Eric Catock. Or Eric Cactok. Sounds foreign. :P


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