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[CLOSED] Let's name the GMM cockatrice! Leave your suggestions!

It was YOUR mythical suggestions that led to the terms "mythical beast" and the Kommunity mascot's name, "The Randler."  

Now, let's hear your ideas for what we should name the GMM cockatrice.  GO!


Lysh Fish has set up a ballot / poll for the name suggestions already posted in this discussion.

It allows only one vote per user and can be reached at: 


Thanks Lysa!  Post your poll results in this discussion on Sunday and we'll factor that in to our decision, okay?

I'll plan on CLOSING this discussion Sunday night (Sept 16th 2012), so let your voice be heard now!  Then, we'll announce our pick in an upcoming GMM episode...most likely next Friday's episode.


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How about Johnny. Short, sweet, and mythical

I just updated the discussion description with Lysa's poll and a deadline.   You can thank Gumbo for getting some closure on this :)

HURRAY for me!  (and extra thanks to Jason Inman for gently nudging Link along)


HOWEVER . . . unfortunately, because it took a while for Link's response, the connection to Lysh Fish's poll counter has gone all cattywhompus and doesn't appear to be working at the moment.  Hopefully the mythical service repair folk will take care of that soon.






Lysa...close enough! :)

Could you be getting that because you've voted? 

Let's not pile on Link -- he's already been called Thelma today. 

Great. We're voting for real now, but I see that if I have already voted, there's no voting again. Oh, well. You know who I wanted anyway.  Lysh, can we get poll results before the end?

This is the poll currently: 

I didn't realize until someone suggested Quincy that I spelled it wrong as Quincey - oops. 

Do you think our hosts will run with Belvedere or one of these names or will they invent their own?

I don't know. Maybe they might like something else more or a combination of two or choose one from the top five or something. 

@ Lysh - have you checked the voting link?  see my comment one page back.

Hmm. It still works for me. And the link in Link's post still works for me, too. 

Try this one: http://bit.ly/PfmRSg

(I should change it to something catchy..)

Yes, that one works fine.  No idea why the other still will not work for me.

Thanks Lysa!


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