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[CLOSED] Let's name the GMM cockatrice! Leave your suggestions!

It was YOUR mythical suggestions that led to the terms "mythical beast" and the Kommunity mascot's name, "The Randler."  

Now, let's hear your ideas for what we should name the GMM cockatrice.  GO!


Lysh Fish has set up a ballot / poll for the name suggestions already posted in this discussion.

It allows only one vote per user and can be reached at: 


Thanks Lysa!  Post your poll results in this discussion on Sunday and we'll factor that in to our decision, okay?

I'll plan on CLOSING this discussion Sunday night (Sept 16th 2012), so let your voice be heard now!  Then, we'll announce our pick in an upcoming GMM episode...most likely next Friday's episode.


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Jason, like said below, in honour of the man behind the camera.
Erwin, cause it's an awesome name.
Lamont is nice too.
Kevin. my friend has a chicken named kevin because in up when the fin the bird they name it Kevin until they find out it's a girl.

William, it's sounds fancy.
Kaaldaran (pronounced Cahl-der-ahn) . I made it up, but it sounds Mythical.

Ingrid. it's a very fancy girl name.
Dream Scar. It sounds mysterious. and i would be scarred if a fire breathing Cockatrice haunted my dreams. just as long as it's not a blonde woman.
Zeuro. sounds like Zero, but with more or an Eur (like in Europe)
Kalille sounds nice.
Yeroudah. awesome name. now i'm just making up names.

Akako (japanese name for fiery red one)

That' all i got. sorry

I gotta go with Binay. Ehh Belvedere works too I suppose...

 Howabout Lyle the Cockatrice.... Lyle is always a good name, maybe for a pet or cockatrice, or pen. 


I think fluffy would be a funny name because it is being sort-of sarcastic, i also like quincy


I cannot wait to get a shirt! No doubt. But what about the name. Baxter. Why? I have Noooo idea. Whatc do you all think?

Richard. Stick with a simple name.

Chanticleer! From The Book of the Dunn Cow and The Book of Sorrows :)

I like belvedere, I think that one is good :)


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