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What if there was a Mythical Meetup in each state on the same day, just to meet other Beasts from your state? Obviously Rhett and Link could not go to them all, but if we decided on a place and time to meet, maybe Rhett and Link could announce it in a video so everyone would know. The meetup would have to take place in the middle of the state, and some of the teeny tiny states could probably just have one meetup for a few states. I don't know about other countries, maybe they could have meetups too.

MythiCon will be held in the U.S. on the third Saturday in August, which is the 17th.

. If you would like to suggest a location, just leave a comment, and you can check out all the official locations so far on the map that Gumbo made: http://batchgeo.com/map/6d47d99bc13fb7cdee0d62839da5181c


UPDATE: MythiCon will officially start at 1 p.m. Also, I need one person from each state to be a "state captain" of sorts. They would do two things:

-One, bring a sign so that any beasts could see it and know where to go;
-Keep the conversation running, making sure that everyone gets to meet each other;
-And bring a medium sized box. Everyone else can bring a little something for the mail boulder (really little, maybe 2" high?) Then the state leader would mail it to Rhett and Link. The leader doesn't have to be the person who suggested the location, although if that person wanted to they would have dibs on the position.

I hope all of you will attend MythiCon 2013 :D

My MythiCon poster

This discussion is now closed, more info will be coming for MythiCon 2014 soon:) Toodles!

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There are othere states that were added later

im going to the california glendale meetup!

me too

Here is a link for you to share outside the Kommunity -- thanks to Landshark for the list!


@ Donna - - I've updated the MythiCon Map detail about 5 times in the past 24 hours with additional meeting site info and links to the various local/state meeting discussion threads, so there are probably quite a few additions since K-La provided you that list. 

Thanks again for adding all of this also on the Gutless Wonders page becasue it adds yet another opportunity for non-komms to see it.  But it makes me wonder . . . if you haven't seen it before on the BatchGeo site, are you not scrolling down below the map?  Makes me wonder now if others are not seeing all of this detail because they are looking at the map only, not the schedule of sites and links below the map.

hey -- was just signing off.  I just got the info within the hour, so I trusted it was up-to-date.  Sorry, gotta run guys!  If there's anything earth-shatteringly wrong, I can change from my phone -- tell me ASAP.  THANKS

I think the link is broken :(

I know this is too late for the actual event, but it can still happen after the fact. Just now got the idea after seeing Maddie Cooper's updated profile pic:


To help commemorate the event, I pledge to create a MythiCon delegate's badge for each person attending this year's festivities. Just sign in at the comment section of the page linked below and yours will be made and posted on your profile page. You will need to supply your own lanyard if you choose to wear it to the meeting.

Maybe next year (if it happens) I can do these prior to MythiCon 2014 and all the delegates can wear them to the meetings to aide in identification.





I'm actually sort of ahead of you! While quietly sobbing of not going to VidCon earlier this month, seeing all the YouTuber photos with their badges made me spark and idea. So I got some index cards, cut them in half, punched a hole at the top, tied it to some yarn and then I wrote the following: 


MB Name:

Favorite Rhett and Link video:

The beasts at MythiCon would then fill it out and design it however they want. :D 

I had the same idea as well! I designed one on my computer too..forgot to post it though! So I will when I get home
I am totally wearing that all day today, and perhaps every day for the rest of my life!

Hey there Bostonian Mythical Beasts (If you're out there). We are going to meet at the entrance of the Boston Common right across the street from the starbucks on beacon street. The entrance is right on the corner of Beacon and Charles streets!


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