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Location:       Liberty Park ~ SLC

Address:        600 East 900 South, Salt Lake City, UT 

                       [between 9th and 13th South and 5th and 7th East]

Website:        http://www.slcgov.com/cityparks/parks-liberty-park

Your Host:     Clara (Star-Nosed Platyphant) 


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Map of Utah

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Who else might go? I am having trouble finding others from UTAH:(

I'll be there (obviously) and have a few friends that I know personally who are gonna try their best to make it. If you know of any Mythical Beasts who arn't on the Komm, but would like to go, feel free to tell them about it! Mythicon isn't a Komm Exclusive event, so anyone can come.

Last year, I had three people from the Komm show up, which was amazing! So unless we can get this more publicity here in Utah, I'm expecting about the same. 

I want to come! Can I come? Even if I have no Mythical merch or anything? :/

where at in the park is this? is it actually at 6th east and 9th south? does anyone need a ride? Can I bring anything for everyone to enjoy? let me know so I can get it ready!!!!

I definetely will go to Mythicon if it's in SLC, Ut!

I'll go if we get enough people

How many is enough? Are we going to have to fight for the spot of biggest fan from utah;)?

Sorry haha what date are we meeting?

July 18th

Hey guys! I would love to come, I'll tell my friends about it and everything. :) I'm not sure at this point if I CAN come, but I'll try my best to be there! I actually stopped by last year, but because there were only like 5 people there my parents didn't let me out of the car. ;( 

So if I'm able to get enough friends rounded up, I'll defiantly come!

Hey! Im in! Not too many people going but whatever XD

When is this? I can most likely come. I don't know any other mythical beasts though 


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