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So, I've talked to other girls about the mythical shoes. Most of us agree that the mythical shoes are more of a guy design. I was just wondering if you guys would consider also making mythical shoes for girls? It'd be cool if we just get to choose colors like pink, purple, etc. Thanks!

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Pink may be in the works. Interested?

Yep thanks (:

High Mythical Heels !!!

Yes, but not powder pink.  More of a purple/pink or fuchsia.

i love pink thatd be totally awesome and i like the mythical shoe design already tho cuz its stinkin mythical

I like this idea!

Green would also be pretty darn awesome! :DDD

Yes it would :o

Oh yeah!! The lady's Mythical Shoe must come in pink and purple and have dancing unicorns on them. They would sell, I know they would. 

there are so many ideas ^.^ although I'd be happy if the choice was just pink, too :P

Yes! Would totally buy some purple ones!

I agree. But, I'm quite girly, too :P


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