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Hey Beasts! I have an addiction to typing and i was wondering if we should start a Mythical Newspaper that we read here online!

I will need some help with this of course! 

What I need:

-2-5 Researchers

-Drawings by you Mythical Beasts!


-Questions and jokes for the newspaper!

So if you can do any of these things just leave a comment!

Also on every newspaper (If we do it) I need 1 drawing by a Mythical Beast! It will be considered the drawing of the day!

Thank you for reading and leave comments!!!!!


                                                                                              Sincerely, The Extraordinary Nathan John! 

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Дrawing, alreaДy calleД it :P

thats a cool idea, but will people read it, and will the researches and that get paid?

yeah we're paying a salary of $56,782.97 a year...-_- no of course no ones getting payed...

No they wont. Nathan John told me. Sorry Oodles

I would absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE to do this! I'm not good with visual art, but I do love writing. Let me know if I can help, please, this would be amazing :)

I can be a researcher, if there's any available spots. :]

cool idea but would you just post the paper in a discussion? I really like it though.

I love the idea, it may take a little while to catch on but i would love to contribute. I could do pretty much any of the following

I would love to help out and I would love to be a researcher! But I have one query about this -

Is this an internet newspaper or is it actually going to be printed (if that's a stupid question then I apologise)?

I really hope that this gains momentum and becomes a reality (a mythical reality)

Sounds cool!


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