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Good Mythical Morning Beasts!  Todays shout out is to the K-Mods who keep the Komm a fun clean place!

Mythical Story

Rhett woke up this morning and went to the kitchen. He opened the freezer looking for the waffles. Rhett could now believe his eyes! The waffles were gone! He dialed up Link and told him what a disaster this was. Link said if he wants to get waffles so bad go to waffle express. So that's what Rhett did, but some how waffle express was out of waffles! So Rhett drove to the market to grab a box of waffles. Once he got home he went to the kitchen and looked at the box for how many calories there were. And Rhett almost had a heart attack when he saw they were expired! Rhett almost cried and walked to the living room and his kids were watching tv while eating waffles! Rhett said "where did you get those?" The kids said they got it before he woke up. Rhett ran over to them and took there waffles but as he entered the kitchen the kids said "Put the waffles down sir!" And Rhett turned around and his kids were aiming at him with thier nerf guns. Rhett sat the waffles on the ground and walked away. The children have won this round.

Mythical Meme

e!Image result for rhett and link meme

Written by Nathan John (Basilisk) To contact me email me @  lippbuster457@gmail.com

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