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Would anybody happen to know the name of the music Rhett and Link use for the Mythical Mail Museum? I want to listen to the whole piece.

Also, this might be a long shot, but does anyone know what GMMore episode in which Rhett was talking about his experience trying to haggle with a car dealer?

I've been trying to find those for a while. 


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Unfortunately I don't know what music they use in the Mythical Mail Museum and don't have the musical knowledge to recognize it.

The only car-buying episode I can think of off the top of my head is when Rhett bought a car off Craigslist, but that was an actual GMM episode before GMMore even existed...is it this one, by any chance? https://youtu.be/Ueh6wxPcw-0

Hey! The music is Handel's Concerto Grosso Op. 6. No. 11. The song is a good 16 minutes long, and the mail museum part comes in around 10:30 in that video. Enjoy!


TRUE - - the music, not the video you linked but another YouTube variation, was placed sometime ago onto our Kommunity page devoted to the MMM - -

and, don't forget that you can virtually tour the MMM at:


I appreciate the replies. 

I was actually trying to find the music they use at 7:07 in this GMMore episode.


And it was a GMMore episode in which Rhett was at a car dealership and trying to haggle with the salesman by saying "I can't pay that price." over and over again.

Kinda obscure, I know, but I thought it was a funny story and just haven't been able to find it again.

The "I can't pay that price" quote actually helped me find it!

It's the GMM episode "Testing the Facial Fitness Pao"; Rhett tells the car buying story in answer to the first question. https://youtu.be/apDgxPeN3sA

Ah okay, that's Vivaldi :) If you have spotify, the album is here, and the track used in the GMMore is number 17 on the list. 

Thanks Sarah and Victoria!!

oh, that one . . . according to  Siri & Shazam apps it sounds like "Concerto for Strings in A Major, RV 158, "Concerto ripieno": II. Andante molto" by Károly Botvay and The Budapest Strings featuring · Béla Bánfalvi · János Fejérvári · Zsófia Járdányi

Season 8 Episode 39. It's in the main Episode
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