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Hello Canadian beasts! This is where every mythical beast from Canada get together and talk about Rhett and Link, NOTHING special! Well, except the fact we're Canadians ^.-

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I am from Montreal, Quebec! Bonjour à tous! ;)

I've been a fan of R&L for 7 years :)

Bonjour! Contente de voir un Montrealais! :) 

Bonjour! thats all i can spell in french. ik how to speak it though

I'm fairly new to the Rhett and Link community and I hope to be in for for some time c: Oh- and Im from Southern Ontario uvu!! Not many people here know about them and I wish there was more :/

Hey, that's where I grew up. London.

Cool, I live in St. Thomas, so like 30 mins out!

You guys would probably be able to link up with more MBs in the Great White North through the group Kanadians Eh!

Hi! I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada. I love Rhett and Link, they make my day. :)

I'm from Nova Scotia too!!

Woohoo! Me too XD

So... we should totally show Rhett and Link how to build igloos, eh?

Just kidding. Howdy from Alberta. :)

haha igloos, eh?
that's a fantastic idea!

Then we can show Rhett and Link how to ride polar bears! 


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