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Hey yall!

I have created the mythical burger. Well, McDonalds in Denmark is having this "create you own burger"-campaign and the winning burger gets to be in the restaurants menu for a set amount of time and I just thought it would be awesome to have a mythical burger inthere. So go to http://www.myburger2013.dk/burger/view/869c088b5b1a954f52b46a38dc2a... to vote by clicking the yellow rectangle under the burger that says "Stem på denne!"

Promote this to all your friends and other mythical beasts. I call it McMythicalMasterpiece.

To those interested in a translation of the contents, here goes (from top to bottom):

Sesame-bun with paprika and chili

Honey and mustard dressing

Salsa Sauce x2

Red Onions



Pickled Cucumber


Swiss Cheese


Sesame-bun with paprika and chili

But it's not really the contents that matter, 'cos all McDonalds tastes the same, but just getting the mythical burger out there to promote Rhett&Link would be awesome, literally the meaning of the word awesome would be the feeling I'd get.

Remember go to the link and click "Stem på denne!" and be your mythical be(a)sts

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Denmark is a small country. We can easily win this!

I was right up there and ready to do my mythical duty and cast a vote until I started thinking about the taste combination of SALSA and HONEY MUSTARD . . .


Sorry but I  just can't give a vote to something like that unless you can provide video evidence that you have actually made one of these, eaten it, and survived.


On second thought, perhaps it's more of a Dutch-English language/translation issue instead of tastebud wierdness . . . this is what we call SALSA in the US . . . are you instead intending the use of KETCHUP?


I think it's a culinary difference. Our salsa here is not chunky (in McD) and is more like spicy/chili-y ketchup. So the salsa gives it a spicy kick and honey mustard a sweet kick. So hot'n'sweet.

Nevertheless, no matter what they put in a burger at McDonalds it will always taste the same. I just want the mythical burger out there so people will be asking "Wut? Whats that?" and they will go online and find the awesomeness that is rhett&link and become addicted.

mythical burger FTW!!!

Well then, that's fair enough . . .


Voted! I hope the mythical burger becomes a reality!

Vote number 28 here!

Voted! :D

I voted too :D

Can I vote more then once? I have only voted once but, I will vote many times if it is allowed. 

Nah only once per PC apparantly, but it seems it based of cookies, so if you delete cookies you can vote again. However I wont cheat my way to victory and then loose it all. Denmark has 5 million people and probably only a handful, like 1 million is gonna participate. So Im guessing some of the top burgers will have like 10000 votes. With all the mythical beasts in the world we can easily beat that!


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