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The contest starts today! Please go to this video and hit LIKE. Share it with others and ask them to LIKE it too! The contestant with the most likes at the end of this contest (Friday, November 22nd) wins $1000 and we could really use the $$$! Thank so much for your mythical support!

My VIP Weekend at Buffer Festival!

Hiya Beasts!

I've won a contest sponsored by Canon Camera to be one of 5 people from all of Canada to gain VIP access to film behind the scenes at Buffer Festival in Toronto this November. Buffer Festival is basically a big awesome YouTube Movie Festival and this is its' first year. I'll be shooting at red carpet parties and events with MysteryGuitarMan, Grace Helbig, Harto, Wheezy Waiter, Emma Approved, Charlie McDonnell, Mike Falzone, and many many many more!

You can also check out my VIP bio on the Buffer Festival website, so you know this is totally legit!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, and Stay Mythical!

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Thanks for liking (and approving) Gumbo!

I'd have to go home and count how many signatures I got. I actually didn't get as many as I could have because I was running around with the camera so much that I often forgot to get a signature from people.

My fangirl favourite moment was meeting MysteryGuitarMan. I actually met him on the glass floor in the CN Tower, 134 stories above the city of Toronto at a YouTube party on Saturday night. Couldn't have had a cooler meetup if I had planned it out myself, and this just happened through luck! I'm pretty sure I've got the coolest MysteryGuitarMan meetup story that will ever exist. :)

Rooting (and voting) for you, Erin! You've got the Mythical Beasts behind you!


Thanks Victoria and Marcus!

I'm close to the halfway point of the contest and I'm in 4th place (out of 5). The leader is ahead by about 300 likes at this point.
I'll need some serious mythicality if I have any hope of winning, so if you were on the fence, please consider sharing NOW! Even just hopping onto YouTube and clicking "LIKE" would be a great help (you don't even need to watch the video, although I hope you decide to!)
Thanks so much!



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