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Since the last one (KBE - - - > The Pose) was not so successful . . . let's give this one more try and see if the kommunity still supports these interactive activities.


Pictured above is my creation, the Gumbo Family Crest.  Leave a discription below of your mythical family shield and I will attempt to create one for you . . . no matter how rediculous, inane or absurd . . . so long as the contents are all in good taste and non-offensive.




The Gumbo family crest includes  name and motto (Go With Cheese) emblazened in gold over a purple shield with crossed mackeral and eye of the tiger fleur de lis.

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Very nice! I have enjoyed looking at everybody's crests and would like one for myself! :)

Im not really sure what I want on mine though! If you would be willing to make one for me...you can get an idea from this explanation of my beast name and the image that I made to represents it.


I took a few more hints from your FAVORITES banner as well. 

  • color: purple
  • Nilla Wafer Top Hat
  • Hunger Games


Hope you like . . .


I love it!! Thanks gumbo!

Well then . . . this one is certainly different:

The Alrokabeesk family crest is just Al Roker looking crazy with a lightning bolts and bowls of soup!

I think this is so cool.  Being that my kommunity name is hobbitsees83 I would like something traditional looking like a shield with food.  Maybe green and gold colors with something that reflects a cautious adventurer. :-)

This is so cool.  Thanks for taking to the time to do this.  :-)

Ok Gumbo here is a new one for you! A fox head as the background, but not an actual picture just an outline of the fox head filled in with the color pink, purple or blue. Then, inside the fox head a picture of a honey badger. And a banner under the honey badger with my name on it. Thanks!!


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