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Since the last one (KBE - - - > The Pose) was not so successful . . . let's give this one more try and see if the kommunity still supports these interactive activities.


Pictured above is my creation, the Gumbo Family Crest.  Leave a discription below of your mythical family shield and I will attempt to create one for you . . . no matter how rediculous, inane or absurd . . . so long as the contents are all in good taste and non-offensive.




The Gumbo family crest includes  name and motto (Go With Cheese) emblazened in gold over a purple shield with crossed mackeral and eye of the tiger fleur de lis.

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cool idea Gumbo.

the Waffletoast family crest has the name Waffletoast, and the motto "of the Waffle and the Toast" (and the motto must be written with an ugly handwriting) the backdrop whould be a waffle and be outlined with mustaches, finally, there should be a relatively small diamond in the middle, striped with three colours, brown, beige and red (representing, toast, waffle, and human blood).

the motto isn't written in an ugly handwriting, but I'll take it :)

Sorry,  but that's BLACKADDER ITC and it's the ugliest font I could find on my computer  - - - the laptop belongs to work and I can't download other fonts due to admin lockouts.  If you have a favorite ugly font let me know and I can reload it for you if that's available.

personally I thought about using MS paint ('s pencil tool) to make the motto. because everything you write with MS paint looks horrible.

The UniSeal family crest is the very embodiment of wordplay. It appears to be a simple laptop, but upon closer inspection, the keyboard is actually a piano keyboard. What wit! What a clever way to combine two of every UniSeal's chiefest interests. What a noble crest for such a noble family.

Since you did not specify, I have included two mottos - - "Fac et spera" (Do and Hope ~ in Romanian?) per http://www.houseofnames.com/HILT-family-crest and also the other shown in its original German translation since my limited research shows that to be the origin of the English surname HILT.


I love it! And good research; I support my new mottos!

I don't have a very clear idea for the Indigo Sparrow family crest, but I think it has yarn and knitting needles and those artsy fartsy  sparrow drawings. I honestly can't think of a motto, so I'll leave that up to your discretion. :-) Oh! And maybe add a guitar or two in there for good measure.

Very cool Gumbo! I love it! What's the motto? I tried google and bing translations but they came up with nothing, lol.

Never mind. I found it. :-) Haha, it made me smile. Just to make sure I have it right, it means "Seize the Indigo Bunting," right?


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