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I have acquired a decent collection of GMM merch over the years, and I decided to give some reviews. They might not be accurate to all, because over time the formula or quality of merch can change. 

GMM stickers (most recent pack): They are great quality and don't tear easily at all. I one on my ukulele, which is a smooth surface- if removed carefully, the stickers leave the surface unmarked. 

GMM poster (classic logo version): Nice quality, no criticisms. 

GMM sweater (classic logo style): The pockets do tend to have a weak seams, I have had to sew the seams periodically. However, I got the sweater a while ago and it is one of the older designs. They might have made their sweater quality better since then. The logo on it does not crack or fade, and the fabric doesn't tear or snag. I recommend washing it on a gentle cycle. Also, the hood is a little bit shallow. But, I really like it, and it has served me well. You also look pretty mythical while wearing it. 

Rhett and Link t-shirt (classic logo style): Amazing quality! I have had it for awhile, and it hasn't worn out. I have noticed that stains wash out pretty easily as well. However, it does tend to wrinkle pretty easy. I recommend putting in the dryer before wearing it to get rid of wrinkles. Overall, very worth the purchase. (Again, mythical.store could have changed the t-shirt brand that they use now.) 

Link's-Peculiarly-Perfect-Peanut-Butter-Peppermint-Lip-Balm: Absolutely no complaints. It's a great product, and has lasting benefits. 10 out of 10. 

GMM mug (classic logo style): I know that they changed their mug quite a bit, but this could be a useful review if you happen to come across an older version of the mug on eBay or some other second-hand retail: It does tend to be on the smaller side. It does crack like any other mug, nothing too different. The matte finish does scratch pretty easily if it is scrubbed or put in a sink with other sharp or metal dishes. Do not microwave it! I'm not sure if it has a warning on the bottom, but from what I've seen it WILL break if you microwave it. 

Overall, I love Rhett and Link's merch! It is better quality than any other content creator's merch I've seen thus far. I recommend buying their merch if you have the money, it is worth it definitely. 

If you read this far, I applaud you. Ttyl fellow mythical beasts! :) 

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Thanks :)

That was some useful info. You have convinced me to invest in some lip balm. I've always been curious about it.


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