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You should write a song for the late Michael Jackson since he did contribute so much to the world of pop music. Where would we be without the Jackson 5 or Thriller or Bad or all of his other hits?

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Dare I say a memorium to all those celebrities who passed away this week? Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, and Billy Mays? All very different people who have contributed to our culture in different ways, some more than others.
yes, a tribute song to those celebs who passed these past few months...interesting.
Wow.... Billy Mays, too... GEEZE.
I was thinking the same thing--a Michael Jackson tribute video. It might be walking a fine line since his passing is so recent, but I bet you guys could do a tasteful and respectful video illustrating how much most of us suddenly miss all things Michael and celebrating the phenom. You know, getting our glitter socks and gloves out to reflect, listening to our old records and tapes, moonwalking when no one's looking, etc.

OK secretly I'd like to see you hitch 'yer wagon to the wave of MJ web videos that everyone is watching right now, maybe picking up some new fans along the way because yours is NEW and creative and really entertaining.

I'm posting this song for lyrical inspiration (not musical--I can't see working old country into an 80's icon, but hey if anyone can, R&L can). Merle Haggard - "What Am I Gonna Do With the Rest of my Life"



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