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Do you remember back when Rhett didn't have a moustache?? I miss those days. What do you think about his mustache? I vote NO more mustache. Give me your opinion...

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he is a grown man.. he can have a mustache if he wants..

Ok then, this is a page for opinions not smart-mouth remarks...

Just want to know what you think about his stache, not your life's story.

Should of pointed that out right off the bat, just sayin

The stache is super cool, no way should he go back!

everyone make sure to click the picture links


Ah no way! Rhett rocks the normal beard...I think he looks better with the mustache than without it.

It's not a mustache. It's a full beard, that curves over his lip. I think the amish beard was a bit ridiculous. I vote keeping it the same.

I kinda like him with it...It would take alot of getting used to if he changed, but he decides i guess! (:

The chinstrap was interesting and youthful but I think the full beard is rather manly. He rocks it.

Rhett does look alot younger without the full beard and mustache, but I think we would have a rather hard time convincing him to shave it off! As I remember him saying in the Goth Boy Behind the Scenes, "I will not shave." haha! But I think he looks good both ways, so I'm not really opinionated here. I would just be very surprised if he actually did shave his mustache...

Rhett declared recently that he wouldn't shave his beard for $1,000,000, so I'm not sure it's going to happen any time soon. I think it's good for him, though. Link, on the other hand, is better without one. We can't have any more Seaborne  & Roach action... *shudders* (Sorry, Link. I love you anyway.)

Well, as far as facial hair action, anyway. The rest of Seaborne & Roach was awesome.

I wasn't a fan of that mustache, but the song for it is beautiful. 


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