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Front of Card

Photo - - do you want to use your profile pic or point me to another?

Any interesting quote or funny saying you would like to use (please reference author if known)


Back of Card:

Human Name:

Beast Name:

Birth Date:

Beast Date:

Beast Number:  NOTE - - I will calculate this for you

Favorite Kommunity Group:

Favorite R&L Song / Video / Series:

Beastly Motto:


Sample Card


I also created a wall banner that includes every one of these cards since the inception of the project. Presently, with over 150 cards, if printed out it would measure 32" wide X 164" long.  Due to the NING website's upload size limitations, I can not share this as a photo upload but I can, however, link it as part of a discussion or blog comment, so . . .

HERE 'TIS!   (click below for expanded view)

Photo Albums:

There is a 100 picture per album max limit. 

This issue has been corrected by the addition of a second album.



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Human Name: Kevin Hilt

Beast Name: UniSeal

Birth Date: 7/17/93

Beast Date: 10/15/10

Beast Number: You'll handle that, Gumbo.

Favorite Kommunity Group: GMCL Fans

Favorite RandL thing: Everything!

Beast Motto: It's SLICED cheese- that's very exquisite.

Saying on front of the card: More pain now means less pain later.

Are you related to Chase or something?

Human Name: Shae Lamont

Beast Name: Vivid Wyvern

Birth Date: 03/22/1995

Beast Date: 11/06/10

Beast Number: You'll see to that, Grnpa

Favorite Kommunity Group: Good Morning Chia Lincoln Fans

Favorite R&L Song / Video / Series: My Favorite Pillow/ Surrogate Sharers

Beastly Motto: Don't make me reach through these internets and be violent!


Saying on the front: HRGLBLAH!

Good idea.

Human Name: Anna Leach

Beast Name: Anna L. (Go{j}ofankey) 

Birth Date: November 25th

Beast Date: November 26th

Favorite Kommunity Group: MBV's (mythical beast vloggers)

Beast #: TBD by Gumbo

Favorite R&L song/series: Cornhole song ~ GMCL (good morning chia lincoln)

Beastly Motto: Stay BEAST you weirdos!


Oh I am so doing this as soon as I have a spare second... (already sketching it in my head)

Human Name: Christine Hostovsky

Beast Name: Chukwa (chukka)

Birth Date: 3rd November 1995

Beast Date: 5th of January 2011

Beast Number:  NOTE - - Gumbo will calculate this for me (oh, I feel so special :D)

Favourite Kommunity Group: GMCL Fans

Favourite R&L Song / Video / Series: quite a fan of Epic Rap Battle myself.

Beastly Motto: You learn something new every time you do something insanely stupid.

Random doobily doo on front: Beast, beastily and beastilicious


(p.s.: yes, I did change the spelling form 'favorite' to 'favourite'. I'm cool like that.


OH! and will all the cards be green? :S
Ah! I forgot to put the year of when I became a beast! 2010!  And agreed with Chukwa will they?
Oops I forgot the front quote! Front Quote: Gojo says go go!

AHA! I finally found you around 128-129 pages from the end of members list - - - you actually joined on 10/29/09 right between Tonia Matheny and Isaac Gover (the Minotaur)


Josh B (Revelrous Redcap) said:

Beast date: November 12th 2009

Beast number:TBD


Human Name: Dallas Lamont

Beast Name: Pheaglefish

Birth Date: 07/28/95

Beast Date: 01/05/11

Beast Number: 

Favorite Kommunity Group: The MBVs

Favorite R&L Song / Video / Series: The Gas Prices Song

Beastly Motto: Better is better.

Saying on front: I'm putting you on my list..

Sentence on front: Why do today what you can put off 'til tomorrow?


Human Name: Sarah Stringham

Beast Name: DancingDolphyn

Birthdate: 9/2/1990

Beast Date: 11/18/2010

Fav group: GMCL Fans

Fav Song/Video/Series: The Wal-Mart Song and Caption Fail video

Beastly Motto: Once a beast, always a beast.


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