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I want to know what everyone's favorites of everything are!
You can tell me your favorites of anything, but I definitely want to know your favorite rhett and link song/video, color, animal and sports car!
I dont have a favorite rhett and link song/video, my favorite color is purple,  my favorite animals are foxes and rabbits,and my favorite sports cars are porsches and  the saleen s7 twin turbo (its fast and pretty!!)!! My favorite instrument is a violin, season-fall,  drink-virgin piña colada...

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Gumbo123 said:
  • Favorite colors - - Purple & Gold, as in . . .


  • Favorite sports teams - -   need you ask?



  • Favorite place on Earth - - Tiger Stadium on a Saturday night in October
  • Favorite planet other than Earth - - Uranus (insert Bill & Ted reference here)
  • Favorite drinks - - Barq’s root beer, Dr. Pepper & ice cold milk
  • Favorite foods - - sushi, Sonny Bryan’s BBQ & boiled crawfish
  • Favorite movies - - Blazing Saddles, Raising Arizona, Fargo, O Brother Where Art Thou and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
  • Favorite TV shows (classic) - - Monty Python’s Flying Circus, Fawlty Towers, H.R. Puffenstuff and The Buckskin Bill Show (bonus points if you can find a good image for that one)
  • Favorite TV shows (current) - - Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings, Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Sons of Guns and Ninja Warrior (Sasuke)
  • Favorite actor / actress - - Steve Buscemi, John Malkovich,   & Holly Hunter
  • Favorite cartoon characters - - Foghorn Leghorn & Yosemite Sam
  • Favorite music - - Paul Thorn, Little Feat, The Eagles, Rolling Stones, Heart
  • Favorite dance - - the Mamushka
  • Favorite animals - - Mike the Tiger & basset hounds
  • Favorite mythical animal - - the Nan
  • Favorite bird - - golden eagle
  • Favorite fish - - humuhumunukunukuapuaa
  • Favorite Website - - http://rhettandlinkommunity.com
  • Favorite Internetainers - - hmmm, let me get back to you on that one.
THANKS for the megadose of awesomesauce

Rhett & Link song: Epic Rap Battle 

Color: I like all colors and blue.

Animal: Dog (wienner dog), monkeys, red sheeps.


Sport: I hate sports.

Band: I'm from Barcelona

Movie: Into The Wild and UP.

Soda: Fanta

Super hero: Iron Man

Games: Flipnote Studio, Minecraft, Battlefield, Mario.

Gaming platform: Wii, 3DS, Xbox 360.

Favorite way to dig: mine

Favorite pillow: mine

Website: rhettandlinkommunity.com! 8D

President: Lincoln (EPIC BEARD)

Prehistorical era people: Vikings!

Comic: Calvin&Hobbes

Tree type: Birch trees.

Puzzle: Rubiks cube.


Enough? : P




Favourite R&L Video is probably Epic Rap Battle, or the true story of Link's Broken Pelvis, colour would have to be blue, purple, and gray :) I loves wolves and dragons, even though my nickname is Mouse, and Mustangs are amazing! I like Def Leppard, and alot of other bands and songs, I love classical music, Fedoras, sweet tea, steak, pizza, and stuffed animals. Lots and lots of stuffed animals. I own 2 or 3 hundred, I think. I might have to count later :) I also love video games - Bioshock 1 & 2, the entire Unreal series, anything by Blizzard Entertainment, Aion, Portal 1 & 2. I like autumn, Halloween and Christmas, my favourite super hero would be Wolverine or Deadpool, Lord of the Rings is the most amazing series of books/movies ever, I absolutely adore the Princess Bride and Ever After, though. Will Smith is a great actor, the only one I love more than him is Robin Williams <3 My favourites instruments would be flute and piccolo, since that what I play(well) but I'm trying to learn piano and guitar, so I like those too :) I kinda stick at playing trumpet, so can't say I like that too much, lol. I love British and Aussie accents, and I love hummingbirds and dreamcatchers :)
:D I love it! thank you soo much, Gumbo (:

Gumbo123 said:

Raymond (Guardian Master) said:

not BOLOGNA at all > > > it's Canadian Style Bacon with a little something added (10% Moose Cheese)

Raymond (Guardian spell-check) said:

i love it gumbo, absolutely me! ('cept the bologna, but i can sympathize with you for not getting enough info...my bad)

Color: Purple

R&L Song:  Maine Man or Phatdippin'

Animal:  Penguin

Sports Car:  Chevy Camaro

Band:  Maroon 5

Christian Band:  TobyMac and DiverseCity

Song:  Moves Like Jagger

Instrument:  Guitar

Soda:  7 Up

TV Show:  Monk

Other TV Show:  Commercial Kings!

thatsssss it.


R&L song: Either Space Junk or Maine man

Color: Green!

Song:Fireflies (owl city)

car: I don't do cars.. so....

Animal: Hmmm... Hedgehog!

Band: Train/Maroon5/Owl city

Soda: (although some say its not a soda) Brisk

T.V.: hmmmm... I would say... Ghost Adventures. (and Of COURSE Commercial Kings!)

And that would be me!♥♫


OH! and I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE to read, my favorite book being either: The Hunger Games/Gregor the Overlander/Maximum Ride/The 39 Clues :D Can't forget the books ♥


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