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I want to know what everyone's favorites of everything are!
You can tell me your favorites of anything, but I definitely want to know your favorite rhett and link song/video, color, animal and sports car!
I dont have a favorite rhett and link song/video, my favorite color is purple,  my favorite animals are foxes and rabbits,and my favorite sports cars are porsches and  the saleen s7 twin turbo (its fast and pretty!!)!! My favorite instrument is a violin, season-fall,  drink-virgin piña colada...

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My favorite color is purple.
My favorite R&L song is Water Dispensing Tab Song.
My favorite singer is MIKA.
My favorite tv show is The Big Bang Theory (TMNT 2003-version is also very close to my heart).
My favourite animals are leopards, dogs and koala bears.
My favorite actor is by FAR Ryan Reynolds :)
My favourite song right now is 7 Years by Lukas Graham.
My favourite food is tomato soup.

I really like basketball!

My favorite color is yellow. I only know one other person whose fave color is yellow. More to come.

I want to preface this by saying i have trouble making decisions so i can't answer everything like my all time favorite R&L song..


  • Color: White
  • Cheese: Sprinkle-y Parmesan 
  •  Animal: Manatee
  • Tv show: How I Met Your Mother
    • 2nd Favorite:  My Little Pony Friendship is Magic
    • 3ed: Dance Academy or Bunheads
  • Broadway musical: I could tell you my top 12, although I am in the process of re-arranging the list.  Currently #1 is still Bonnie and Clyde the Musical
  • Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons song: Rag Doll
  • Elton John song: Your Song, or Tiny Dancer
  • Favorite class in school: American Sign Language
  • Movie: Singin' in the Rain
    • extremely close second: West Side Story
  • Pasta sause: The kind that is on Fettuccine Alfredo
  • YouTubers: Rhett and Link!!!!!!! (duh)
    • 2nd favorite YouTuber: Matthew Santoro
  • Fruits: Pomegranates, mango (my nickname for a while was actually Mango because when I introduced myself someone thought I said my name is Mango...lol)
  • Love song: It Only Takes a Moment from Hello Dolly
  • Kind of pepper: none. I hate peppers.

Oh My Mythical Goodness! this is so much more spectacular than I ever could have dreamt up.  Thank you so much Gumbo! I absolutely love it! let me know if i can do something for you

Favorite Rhett and Link song: Taylor Swift Caption Fail
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Animal: Hedgehog
Favorite Sports Car: Jaguar
Favorite Instrument: Cello
Favorite Food: Spaghetti
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Drink: Mnt. Dew Kickstart

I personally love all the rhett and link songs/videos, i must say, my favorite color would just be the full spectrum. So...all of them! I love cats, and bats, but all critters small and large, and my favorite sports cars are, mastangs, cameros and impalas. But.... My favorite shows are spongebob (yes i know, so immature), gmm, (if that counts) and jem and the holograms. (The 80's will never die) i love drawing, and monsters, my favorite instrument is the piano, my favorite drink is vanilla coka-cola, and my favorite food, is ramen noodles, pizza, and japanese food!


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