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I want to know what everyone's favorites of everything are!
You can tell me your favorites of anything, but I definitely want to know your favorite rhett and link song/video, color, animal and sports car!
I dont have a favorite rhett and link song/video, my favorite color is purple,  my favorite animals are foxes and rabbits,and my favorite sports cars are porsches and  the saleen s7 twin turbo (its fast and pretty!!)!! My favorite instrument is a violin, season-fall,  drink-virgin piña colada...

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That is totally awesome! Thank you so much!

(Now that I'm looking for it, I also spotted the xBeast in this video. :)

Color orange song nerd vs geek animal wolf sports car Ferrari

not much to work with, but here you go . . .

My favorite color: Red

My favorite R+L song: Lonely Sad Little Water Dispensing Tab

My favorite band: U2

My favorite TV show: Grimm (for now)

My favorite animal: Parrot

Favorite movie: Apocalypse Now

Favorite music: Classical

Favorite beverage: Coffee

My favorite fruit: Apples, grapes and peaches

Favorite Meat: Chicken

Favorite Vegetable: Spinach

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite footwear: Boots

Favorite candy: Licorice

Favorite computer: iMac

Favorite sports car: '67 Corvette Stingray

Favorite flower: Carnation

Favorite author: Stephen King

Favorite activites: Reading, Cooking and Baking

You were not specific on the style, so I gave you a selection of boots to choose from . . . all in red, of course . . .

This is beautiful! Thank you so much, I love it!

My favorite drink is COFFEE

and with that said - I don't think my other favs matters.

Not much to go on, is it?  Here you go . . .

For your banner, I searched for "best pizza in sacramento" and came up with these two local favorites . . .


My favorite color: Blue

My favorite R+L song: I Am a Thoughtful Guy

My favorite animal: Humans

Favorite movie: The  Fantastic Mr. Fox

Favorite beverage: Water

My favorite fruit: Apples

Favorite Vegetable: Broccoli

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite candy: Twix

Favorite food: Fried ravioli

Favorite Season- Spring

Favorite book: The True Meaning Of Smekday


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