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I want to know what everyone's favorites of everything are!
You can tell me your favorites of anything, but I definitely want to know your favorite rhett and link song/video, color, animal and sports car!
I dont have a favorite rhett and link song/video, my favorite color is purple,  my favorite animals are foxes and rabbits,and my favorite sports cars are porsches and  the saleen s7 twin turbo (its fast and pretty!!)!! My favorite instrument is a violin, season-fall,  drink-virgin piña colada...

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I also want to know peoples favorite songs/bands!
I dont really have favorite bands (i like a little of everything), but i suppose Yiruma, ABBA, Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz would come closest to my favorites, but they(my favorite bands) are changing all the time...
And my favorite songs, like my favorite bands, are always changing, but my current favorites are probably Hair (from the musical), Defying Gravity (from the musical Wicked), A Whole New World (from Aladdin), I'm yours (Jason Mraz), Viva La Vida (coldplay) and Pachelbel meets U2 (John Schmidt).
I like musicals... My favorite is probably The Sound of Music, although i havent seen any musicals recently.. Except Jekyll and Hyde at my school(last year...) i was going to see The Drowsy Chaperone at my school a month ago or so but I had plans on eachday it was playing :(

5 1/2 years later . . . time to refresh the original . . .

My favorite color is gray.

My favorite R+L song is The Buffet song

My favorite Band is Billy Talent (As if the world didn't know that)

My favorite tv show is Todd and The Book of Pure Evil

I like giraffes and Cats.

Fave movie is Definitely the Matrix.

My favorite actor is defffffinitely Jack Black. XD

My favorite person in general is Jack Black

According to Itunes my favorite song is It'll be Ok. By Limp Bizkit

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni is my favorite anime with Ergo Proxy at a close second

My favorite Manga is Godchild

My favorite Star Wars movie is A New Hope.



Mack (Alrokabeesk) said:


moosepig said:

a selection of mine are:


Dani (Pegasaur) said:
Srry it posted like this...I typed it all up on my iPod and copy and pasted it 

R&L video: don't really have a favorite, but my current obsession is Squirrel Rights

Color: Purple!

Animal: Dolphin (hence my beast name)

Sports car: anything painted black with green flames (that's been my dream car since I was like 13)

Disney movie: Beauty and the Beast

Sport: Ballroom dance (yes, I call that a sport; sorry if you don't)

Flower: Lily

Song: Pachelbel's Canon in D

School: BYU!

Hymn: All Creatures of Our God and King

Book: Tie between Ella Enchanted and Pride & Prejudice

Band/Artist: I have a lot, including Rascal Flatts, Jon Schmidt, Daughtry, Taylor Swift, Sara Bareilles, Josh Groban, Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz, Lady Antebellum, etc.

Period in history: American Revolution

Instrument: Can't decide between violin, cello, french horn, and oboe

Sarah M. S. (DancingDolphyn) said:

Just found this. My favourites are:

Colour - yellow

Animal - chimpanzee

Rhett & Link song - Maine Man

Sport to watch - tennis

Sport to do - cycling

Bible book - Isaiah

Fruit - peaches and pineapple

Social event - ceilidhs (Scottish dancing)

Films - Lord of the Rings trilogy

Film Genre: Musicals

TV - West Wing, Whose Line is it Anyway

Instrument: Saxophone


Favorite Rhett and Link song/ video: T- shirt wars or the Photoshop in real life video

color: green, neon green to be specific

animal: Giant Anteater

car: ?

band: Switchfoot

tv show: Commercial Kings :D


Heather (Siantole) said:

Just found this. My favourites are:



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