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The historical interweb battle between two computers.

As we all know from watching the live Rhett & LinKAST(s), they (like most "internetainers") use Mac laptops.

Here, feel free to let everyone know what type of computer you have, your reasons for choosing that specific computer, and the pros/cons of Mac and/or PC. Let the fight begin!

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I've been a PC all my life, and I can positively without a doubt, say that they are far better the that piece of junk the call mac. It has been proven that the mac's OS is easier to hack than PC. At the hacker convention, one of the contestants hacked it in about thirty seconds, if I recall properly. I had to use a crapintosh (I apoligize if anyone does not like the word crap) for a writing class, and I couldn't use it hardly at all, because...well...it was a mac. Also, you can't play half the good games on a mac. Also, who cares if it looks fancy, that has nothing to do with the OS. Anyways, I am and always will be a PC, and I pray for all you lost mac souls.
I'm a PC person, just because that's what I was raised on, and that's what I know. I'm pretty computer literate, though, so I'm cool with Macs as well, just not quite as familiar. One of my jobs while going to college for the past year-and-a-half was working in a music computer lab stocked with the latest Macs, so I got pretty comfortable with them very quickly.

I appreciate both sides. I like the programs like Garage Band and iMovie that come on all Macs, but I just can't bring myself to pay that much for even their cheapest laptop. I don't like that since I still use Windows XP that my Windows Movie Maker won't let me edit the videos from my camera, because it only records in .mov (which isn't supported by the XP version of WMM). At least we have a family mac, even if it does run a little slower...

Sorry, I started to ramble there.
That's a shame about your lab being poorly maintained. :( Ours gets outfitted with 18 new Macs and updated with the latest versions of music software every 2 years. We also have several music professors who are either Mac experts or Finale experts, and are always willing to help out.

I just realized that makes our university sound really rich, but trust me, the lab was its own entity, and the rest of the School of Music just got hand-me-down computers from other departments.
What the Dead Trolls say....

My laptop is a Dell (dude), and it sits under my desk 'cos it was crashing all the time. On my desk sits my still new-ish mac mini. It's adorable. And has a gazillion times more memory than the laptop, so that's nice.

I'm kind of a Luddite, so I'm equally ignorant on both machines. I only learn what I need to in order to get by...although I do have to say that I finally learned the power of the right-click about 6 years ago, and it changed my life.


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