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The historical interweb battle between two computers.

As we all know from watching the live Rhett & LinKAST(s), they (like most "internetainers") use Mac laptops.

Here, feel free to let everyone know what type of computer you have, your reasons for choosing that specific computer, and the pros/cons of Mac and/or PC. Let the fight begin!

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When you buy an Apple computer, you're paying extra money for a brand name.
Mac! Mac is actually better for what I do and I just like the futuristic 'feel' of it. And I used to be a PC person (though mostly by coercion, because we were forced to buy PC's for school and couldn't use Macs)...
I like my Macbook. I am a music person. It is more functional for the things I need to do.
As long as it computes I'm content with whatever I have available to use.

Plus I can't stand the mean spirited Mac VS PC commercials so I'm content with my PC. :)
I don't really care for either, Which is why I run Linux on my laptop. But my desktop is a PC, but only so I can stream music to my Xbox. And I've always been and will always be a gamer, so if I got a mac I'd have to rebuy most of my games, and who would want to do that.
I love Linux!!!!!
word about xbox and gaming
Ooo...what a controversial topic! :)

I'm a Mac user. Can I just say they're better, and that's that? ;)

No really, they don't get viruses (big plus there!), they don't crash all the time like a lot of PCs do, and they work much better if you're doing any A/V or graphic arts type of work. They do cost more...but you also get great tech support from Apple.

Having said that, they seem to be an acquired taste. So sometimes it depends on what you're used to. If you've never used a Mac and got totally confused when you did, you might not like them.
Mac! For most of my life I would have said PCs were better, because that's all I knew, but when I went to college and began to use a Mac on a regular basis for some of my classes, I found that they are, in my opinion, more user-friendly and intuitive. In addition, I find them generally sleeker-looking, and the basic programs they come with are awesome for creative types like myself or any aspiring internetainer to start with :)
PC! What every sensible one said,
Honestly, if I had the money, I would go with Apple, but at the moment, when all my income comes from painting a furniture store, I am saying "YAY" to PC!
and "Ney" to Apple, (I've never set foot in a Mac store...)
Macs are better. NO question.
And you are not buying just a "BrandName" for the extra. You are buying something that you can't when you buy a PC. You are buying a product that is built striving to perform the best, look the best, and be equitable. They are constantly changing and reinventing things to make them easier, more efficient, and better in general. Apple is not a company that is satisfied with the Status Quo unlike Windows. And on top of that, Apple doesn't tend to release things and make you pay more for things until they are finished. (Ex: Vista) And to end, I won't even go into the virus issue. Or on a mac, the lack-there-of
Besides having better support service and taking the time to make sure their new OS's aren't horendously buggy when released I honestly don't see a difference. They both run on the same internal guts. Therfore as long as I have a anti virus program running and update it regurally viruses won't be a problem with PC's as well.

Also what exactly does looking the best have to do with a computer?


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