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I noticed Link that you weren't wearing your characteristic specs in most (if not all?) of the movie? I'm curious why.

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My doctor told me two years ago, I think, that I might need glasses to see. I Shook it off and told him it wouldn't be neccesary. Funny thing is I just truly realized it two weeks ago that I need glasses. I was in my Spanish class and I couldn't read the notes on the overhead, very fuzzy words. Someone was kind enough to lend me their glasses and I put them on to see if there was any difference, there was. It was like changing your old run down 90s television, to an HD TV. I could see the notes so clearly that that all I could say was, "Wow, I really do need glasses." Long story short, I'm going to see an eye doctor within the next few weeks and get myself a pair. Hey Link, any glasses you'd recommend? I need to find a pair that suit me, so I'd figure I'd ask the one person I know that can pull off the glasses look. Thanks!
When I was in middle school I realized I had a hard time reading the board unless I was in the front row. I got contacts, but had a hard time putting them in, so I gave up. I was used to sitting up front in class anyway, so I didn't think I needed them that bad.

I got glasses when I was 15 because I thought I would only need them to drive (my eye sight isn't that bad, only -1.50, not that big of a deal, but I couldn't read street signs that well). After losing my glasses I decided to try contacts again and have been wearing them ever since. I was thankful for this when I got to college and had to read PowerPoint slides in a class of 400.

It turned out that I had an astigmatism (misshapen cornea), and that's why I had a hard time with the contacts when I was in middle school. They gave me special contacts that fit better and improved the astigmatism, and now I can just wear regular contacts.

I didn't have an emotional reaction--I thought it would be cool to get contacts because my older sisters and older nieces already wore them.

Link Neal said:
Everyone who's reading this-- reply and tell me how you found out you needed glasses. And what was your initial emotional response?
I was in 3rd and every year in school the nurse would call all of the students down to the Nurses office for the annual "eye exam". When my class went down for the exam I stepped up to the big ol' eye exam thingy. And most of the rows were fuzzy and I couldn't read them to the nurse and she said in her old raspy smokers voice, "Nigel, you need glasses, and I will be calling you parents tonight."
All the other kids laughed at me because I was now the dorky kid with glasses, so I sauntered back to class room by myself and cried ;(
Now I have contacts... word up!
one morning i woke up and couldn't see anything and i said i think i need glasses, not really, i went to the optometrist after i had pink eye. I think i got glasses because i wouldnt stop rubbing my eyes
I've had thick glasses since 3rd or 4th grade (too long ago to remember - 1965 0r 1966 - yes, prehistoric times, I know) and my lenses have always been thick. My first pair was called Cotton Candy Gumdrop and were every shade of pastels imaginable. In 6th grade, I got my second pair (which I'll post a link to) which were black rectangles, very similar to Link's current glasses. My next pair, which I graduated in, were gold-rimmed granny glasses - all the rage back then.

I've had numerous pairs since, but I also wore contacts for a number of years. My eyes are olive colored, but my contacts were aqua and the combination gave me forest green eyes. I loved them and never had a problem with contacts, but they got to be a hassle once I had my daughter. So I went back to glasses.

I love my current ones, except for the fact that they are bifocals. ! It's much more natural for me to pull off my glasses and hold the book 8" away from my face to read. Afterall, I've done it most of my life. To hold the book at arm's length to where the bifocals focus is a pain. I'm in denial over the bifocals. LOL

I'm uploading a pic of my 6th grade (1968) picture with me in my Link glasses. Although, I had mine first, Link. ;)
Aw, thanks, SaraMeg. :D

SaraMeg (Roush) said:
That is a cute picture! And the frames are pulled off effectively. :)
Yeah Barb, way to rock the Link glasses!! Awesome!
I've had to have glasses for as long as I can remember, as well as almost my entire family. x]
6 of us, minus my little brother.

My vision is so bad, and my little sister's is worse. xDD
I can't function without my glasses. >w/body>
When I was in like 3rd or 4th grade, I actually wanted glasses. I told my mom I couldn't see the board in class, so she took me to the eye doctor. He concluded (surprise!) that there was nothing wrong with my vision, but since he believed my mom and she believed me that I couldn't see the board, he thought I might be having trouble focussing and gave me a pair of bifocals. I was cool with that until my mom mentioned how weird that was since that was what old people wear. Then I was embarrassed. The moral of the story? Don't make up or exagerate a condition or illness because the cure is never as cool as you think it might be. (I thought about saying, "Be careful what you wish for," but that's not as fun and grammaticaly incorrect.)

I actually do need prescription lenses now, but I choose to go with contacts.
I was about eight and for some weird reason I wanted to wear glasses. I pretended that I needed them for a while and when I got them I never actully used them. A few years later I found out I really did need glasses but I wasn't that freaked because I was already used to them! :-)
I found out that I needed glasses when I was 15 1/2 and started driving. My mom noticed that I could not read the street signs from the intersections. I didn't know that I was supposed to. My first glasses were big, plastic, and rose pink. Because it was still the 80's. It was not long after I got glasses that my mom said, "so all those years when I was pointing out the airplanes and you said couldn't see them, you really couldn't see them?" Seems like it...

Link (Chiasquatch) said:
I had just gotten my glasses around that time and I wasn't used to wearing them all the time. 2006. I was still thinking I wouldn't need them except when, like, driving at night. Funny.

It's funny, when I went in to the optometrist in 06, it was just 'cause I had the coverage. And to get info about macular degeneration because Lincoln Clause has it... I didn't think I needed glasses.

When Dr. Tony told me I needed em...it was weird...I kinda had an emotional reaction. R-r-re-really? I-I need *gulp* glasses?! It was like a blow to my ego or something...subconsciously. But I quickly embraced it as an opportunity for self expression.

And now you think I look weird without em in the movie, huh?

Everyone who's reading this-- reply and tell me how you found out you needed glasses. And what was your initial emotional response?
Funny story...

When I was 14, I started noticing that things looked fuzzy. Not reeally noticably, but enough for it to be odd. I told my mom and she sort of shrugged it off because it wasn't a problem. I could read things that were far away well enough (or at least I was a good actress).

Also, for years and years, I'd been telling my family that one of my ears didn't work. My sister called me George Bailey (from It's A Wonderful Life) and no one took me seriously.

Well, when I turned 15, my high school was doing the little health screening thing, checking our vision and hearing. For years, I'd actually been lying about the hearing in those check-ups. Raising my hand whenever I'd heard silence for too long, figuring that I should have heard the buzzing in my right ear. But when I turned 15, I went in totally honestly - because I wasn't afraid of the repercussions anymore, I guess - and came out of it with a note for my parents, saying that I needed glasses AND an appointment with the ear, nose and throat doctor.

I wore glasses all through high school after that. I remember the first thing I watched with glasses. It was Romeo And Juliet at my school. Everything was so CLEAR. It turned out I'd been getting by with things being fuzzy for a really long time, because facial expressions on stage had never looked so clear. I felt like an idiot for not being more vocal about my vision.

I wear contacts now, usually. But that's another story entirely. And I'm completely deaf in my right ear. But neither sensory problem is a secret anymore! :)


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