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I'm pretty certain he's done it alot more than once but don't have any evidence at this time. When I hear it, I'll pull this up and tell you. I really enjoy it when he says "why." Reminds me of a friend of mine. I really hope they don't lose their southern accents.

I also have a horrible memory, so let me unhelpfully point out there was a GMM somewhat recently where Link did a succession of increasingly aggressive "what"s...maybe someone else can find it, ugh. >./p>

Found it! This was hilarious.

Tongue Twister Challenge GMM - #809

Ahhh, thank you, Ting!!

Woohoo! Cheers, mate!

Link sure is...something.

Oh no! another noises thing for me to do!!! 

eh who needs history papers right?

You don't have to do it but you can if you want to

i know lol

this one is harder than the noises to search for.  but if i find one ill let you know.

i love being a part of the Kommunity


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