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First of all, I want to thank Mythical City on Twitter for making this playlist and to the Kommunity Twitter for bringing it to light. I also wanted to list the listening assignments and the episodes when they were assigned but I need help. Thanks to Heather S for the GMCL episode and for finding the episodes for some of the songs! Some may have been assigned by Rhett. BYMB!

  1. One On One - Hall & Oates = Neti Pot Madness (GMCL) 
  2. Where Have All the Cowboys Gone - Paula Cole = Leave it to the Beavers
  3. Electric Avenue - Eddy Grant = Leave it to the Beavers
  4. Lucille - Kenny Rogers = Leave it to the Beavers
  5. Someday - Alan Jackson = The Crew Tries the Balance Board
  6. I Don't Need Your Rocking Chair - George Jones = Rhett Doesn't Wash His Ears
  7. John Wayne Gacy Jr - Sufjan Stevens = Serial Killer Guessing Game
  8. Cumbersome - Seven Mary Three = Writing A Ridiculous Thanksgiving Mad Lib
  9. Livin' on the Edge - Aerosmith = Drinking the Nasty Instant Smoothie
  10. Chocolate Pickles (Igotapickleinthemiddleofmyburgeranditscoveredinchocolate) - Marcus Wood ft. Rhett & Link = Rhett vs the Giant Dookie
  11. Heard It in a Love Song - The Marshall Tucker Band = Pickled Frog Balls Challenge
  12. Woman to Woman - Barbara Mandrell = Meet Rhett's New Puppy 
  13. My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama - Frank Zappa = More Crazy Celebrity Baby Names (GAME)
  14. The Choice is Yours - Black Sheep = Ultimate Energy Smoothie Taste Test
  15. My Name Is Mud - Primus = Are Aliens Real?
  16. Poundcake - Van Halen = Are Aliens Real?

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"mythical city" on Tumblr has a running playlist of some of the songs: 

Tumblr source: http://tmblr.co/Z84tFk1wK65ll 

YouTube source: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc0HObaltt_XMiEuV1SM6Ld85Ord...

Today's GMM 847: (Jethro Tull- artist) & Marshall Tucker Band - "Heard It In A Love Song" 

You're always commenting before I can get to this page and edit it!

Sorry!! When I see something and I know it was mentioned here or someone asked a question about it, I can't help but answer to help out! (Plus, I was afraid this thread was getting lost in the forum.) :) (stupid brain....)

That's OK! I usually have to wait 18+ hours after watching GMMs & GMMores to go on the Kommunity (because, mind you, I watch GMM at 10pm and then I rewatch more episodes until 1am or 2am (maybe later if it's holidays or earlier if I have something important for the following day). I started school yesterday so I had no time in the morning to do it nor did I have any during school (this website's blocked) and I had homework. I can sometimes go on the Kommunity after a GMM episode but I usually don't)


Especially for yesterday's (or today's) one as it took an hour to watch a 10 and a half minute video. The Wifi failed

I also found this fairly comprehensive playlist on YouTube, except that it seems to be missing the very first Hall & Oates song assignment - - -

Gumbo, that's the same person as "mythical city." I just posted the link to that playlist in one of my earlier comments, just so you know. (It didn't look as pretty as yours, though). 

oops! sorry I missed it

It's okay. No hard feelings. :) 

The playlist is in the discussion/description paragraph thing (the word "playlist" was hyperlinked). Does it not work?

I am so happy!

Theres a new one

I know but what song (Frank Zappa song)?


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