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In the episode of GMM about TV Cliffhangers, Rhett mentions that Link was in a couple episodes The Simpsons. However, after much googling, I have not been able to find any info on it. He sounded serious in the video but I'm really not sure. Can anyone confirm whether or not Link was actually on The Simpsons?

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I can neither confirm nor deny whether Link has actually ever appeared in any episode of The Simpsons.  I haven't watched any of those since about 1987-88 when it debuted as a short filler on The Tracy Ullman Show.

But, from the shifty-eyed look on Link's face when Rhett says that, my guess is that it isn't true.

He said, "Link's seen a couple of episodes."

This is a running joke, Link hasn't seen a single episode. In one episode of GMM, Link admits to not seeing any of The Simpsons and Rhett walks out of the studio in dissapointment.

This is referenced in episode 205, Link says that he hasn't seen The Simpsons then as well. I cannot seem to find the episode where he first admits to not seeing it.

Verdict: Link hasn't been on or seen The Simpsons.


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