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UPDATE: The picture below is the one we are using for Link's birthday project! Gumbo's examples will be below the picture we will be using.

Instructions (as of 4/21/17): Please print it with the highest quality you can, in full color. If you are doing a picture inside, cut him out and attach to a Popsicle stick. If you're going to be outside, I suggest first gluing it to a piece of cardboard, then cutting him out, that way the picture is reinforced just in case there is wind.

You have 2 options:

Option 1 - Either make the picture have just Link (as per Gumbo's most recent example of Link in the office);

Option 2 - ...or you can be in the picture, holding up Link. Another suggestion for this option is, you can have a friend hold Link up in frame to make it look like he is next to you.

*It is up to you which of these options you would like to do! Be creative :)*

A birthday message: You are more than welcome to write a note for Link. since I'll be printing all your pictures at a print shop, your notes will have to be typed up so I can affix them to your page/spot in his book. :)

Thanks guys for being so awesome! BE YOUR MYTHICAL BEST & go get some great pictures for Link so we can show him how much he means to us! <3

(Again, thanks Gumbo for these 2 wonderful examples!)

*Original Post Below! :)*

Goooood Mythical Morning/Afternoon/Evening, wherever you may be! My name is Gabrielle and I'll be organizing Link's 39th birthday project. I want to thank you guys in advance for entrusting me with this endeavor!

Some wonderful Mythical Beasts you may very well already know - Jaymie, Maple Dash & Gumbo - came up with a wonderful idea for this year's gift. We'll be putting together a book (I'm thinking scrapbook-style) of pictures that you guys take... like the "Flat Stanley" project that many of us did in grade school. The pictures will need to have you in it, holding a cutout of Link (Gumbo posted a great picture that I think would work nicely, and hopefully by tomorrow or Tuesday we'll have settled on a picture).

Tips for the picture: Take it somewhere relevant or historical in your city. A building with a cool mural or even something like a marina would be great ideas as well. If you live in a more rural area, take the photo near something that is important to you, and something that is beautiful (think a beautiful field of flowers, a garden, a really old tree, etc). Most of all, think about what really represents where you live! What would you want to show to Link if he visited your city? What would he HAVE to see during his trip to your town?

The picture of Link should be printed, cutout very neatly, and perhaps glued to a piece of cardboard to make it sturdy so that the picture doesn't bend in the wind when you're out taking the picture. If you'd like, you could even glue it to a 'popsickle stick' type of thing. Make sure that you print the picture in color and with the best quality you can print it out in. We want the pictures of Link to be consistent throughout the book. I suggest gluing the picture to the cardboard *before* cutting around the picture of Link.

I'll be collecting all photos in an email address and printing them out at a local print shop. I'll also be designing the book and mailing it to Link. Jaymie and her son will also be creating a mousepad with Link's favorite things on it, and that'll be mailed with the book as well.

I've made an email address JUST FOR THIS PROJECT : linkneal39@yahoo.com



I'll be updating this thread as we finalize which picture to use, etc. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on twitter @MythicalGabbie! Talk to you guys soon!

**Thank you so much to Jaymie, Maple Dash & Gumbo for their lovely ideas and for allowing me to do this year's birthday project!**

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Hey! I'm so glad you're joining us! Unfortunately although a collage is a really cute idea, I don't think it would work for the book. The  book is going to be organized in a way that everyone has one picture, so we can fit everything and so that everything is fair :)

I'm so excited you have a farm! That's going to make a great picture!

Ok thanks I just wanted to ask before I did and it couldn't be used. We only send in pictures, correct? Also could we write a short letter I would love to be able to send a letter explaining what my picture is about and to tell him happy birthday.
Yes, that would be wonderful! I think I'm going to update my post and let everyone know they can send in a little note. I thought tons and tons of people would participate (I still hope they do!) but if it's under like 50 people I could definitely include the notes!!!!!!❤️
Ok great thank you! I just want to tell them how much they mean to me and how much they have done for me without even realizing it.

Hey guys! I'm currently looking for a good "standing" picture of Link. I'm kinda having a hard time which surprises me! If anyone finds a good one, let me know! Must have his modern hair :) And by "standing" I mean full body. What do you guys think?

By the way, I don't know if I've mentioned this yet, but my husband is proficient in Photoshop and is a graphic designer so he can help "cut out" the picture.

How about these ones?

first is a bit too dark, but this one is a possibility

Thinking a little out of the box here. 

I was looking through a few GMM episodes and Buddy System to look for a good picture of Link standing and thought, would it be too crazy to suggest having a photo of Link in his weatherman attire from earlier this season as the picture, and then there would be a photoshopped number of degrees related to everyone's hometown on their pictures? Maybe an average number of what your town usually is, like "72" with the little 'o' for degrees and if you want to add if it's usually rainy or sunny, etc. That way, it looks like Link traveled the world to give us the weather from all our towns. It might be too much work, and I would understand that. Just a thought. If it's not feasible for this project, maybe it can be used for another one. :) 

I like the professional picture as well. I like the one Gumbo posted in the other thread (the one from the NYC trip), but I would prefer one where's he smiling a bit more. You can find similar pictures here, though I do worry about copyright use: http://www.gettyimages.com/photos/rhett-and-link?page=2&exclude...

Weatherman Link is an awesome idea.

I also LOVE Weatherman Link!! But perhaps maybe for a different project? It's a Really good idea. ❤️

Wish I'd seen this idea earlier! Let's file it for another project.

This is the best one I could find on google.


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