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Link, man, you're falling. Yesterday you said you were pissed off. Today you said boobs and sex. What about all those 5 year old little brothers and sisters that watch with their older siblings? Come on, man. Hold yourself to a higher standard. You're better than that...

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let me ask you this do you think that they target audience is mainly adults? no lauryn  it is not

Leave me alone. Lots of adults watch this show. I apologize if my previous comment offended you, especially if you are an adult. And if you happen to not be one, then just leave me be. Again, I apologize for my comment. Not looking to start a fight, just trying to state my opinion, like everyone else can.

I like them talking more naturally, seems more real and makes me feel comfortable knowing they're just acting natural...

i really don't mind them saying things like that but what i don't like is the fact that this show used to be appropriate for little kids. Now ik that the show was not meant for them, but it was not bad for them.  Just recently there have been a few uses that make me think they are slipping away from the kid friendly show they used to be.  words like p*ss*d and sexy and sex and boobs are not really necessary. and even more i think that when rhett and link have guests on the show, they need to tell them to try to keep the swearing and things like it out as much as possible.  The episode with sam pepper was GREAT i loved it sooo much.  but in good mythical more it gets kinda..iffy ik the beep it out but you know they used to beep out p*ss on an episode called swear words for kids they beeped that out, now they are not what is happening in GMM??

They know what they are doing... They aways know...

Thank you. That is exactly what I am trying to say, but everyone keeps getting mad at me. Like I commented to Laura, EVERYONE LISTEN:

Will it matter 50 years from now? Probably not. They're professional internetainers. Let 'em do their THANG!!!

Sorry, I kinda piggybacked off of your comment. Just needed something to help solidify my point.

Amen I say to you, Maximus!
I was thinking this the other day, that their content has been slightly more adult lately. Even their music videos to a certain extent. I am very careful about what I watch, and was so happy to come across their channel several months ago. I've watched all the GMMs and appreciated their effort to keep things clean and family friendly - not just for kids, but for adults like me who avoid entertainment with swearing or sexual content. I especially appreciate the fact that they've never taken the Lord's name in vain ("Oh my God," etc). This is obviously something they choose not to do and isn't necessarily connected with their desire to be family friendly, since EVERYONE does it and it is very accepted. Hopefully they continue on keeping things clean and fun like we're used to, and this is just a one-or-two-time thing!

When joining this Kommunity we signed an agreement to keep our language clean and to be respectful to other members. In some way I feel like when they slip a cuss word in (with out bleeping it) which happened in Good Mythical More they are not holding themselves to the same standard that we as Kommunity members are held to. As far as last weeks episode with Sam in it was an inappropriate Good Mythical More. I don't care if they have guest I just would like for their guest to keep it clean. I do enjoy other channels but, I do not want Rhett and Link to start being like other channels because that would compromise the one of the many things that set them apart. One of the things being they have been family friendly and I hope they will consider being a bit more family friendly. Also, do not make the assumption that because they cuss or use crude words they are being more genuine. Ear Biscuits is a different it is set up so their guest can be open and honest (they also bleep out the cuss words or most of them).  

I don't think Rhett and Link are setting out to offend anyone here. There have been a lot of changes in the content recently though, what with bringing on board a bigger team, and changing up a few other things with the new seasons of GMM too. Perhaps this more candid vibe is part and package of said change. They have a lot more subscribers than they did a year ago too, and obviously that will have impacted their main demographic. If it ain't broke...

I don't agree with the sentiment that the guys shouldn't swear because of where they're from. That seems quite regressive and old fashioned. Words like "boobs" and "sex" aren't swear words, they are more taboo in certain societies. Boobs are a part of a body. Sex is a natural process. Maybe it's that where I am from this isn't the case as much, so I don't find it offensive. I respect that their are certain ideals and a different way of life in different parts of the world, of course I do. However, GMM is a talk show. For small children, I assume they get more out of the physical and aesthetic  factors of videos, and probably don't really understand a lot of what is being said. For older kids, it's up to you parents out there to decide whether or not you let your kids watch the videos. For those older kids and adults respectively, you can choose what you want to watch. So many people watch these videos, and the guys can't tailor their show to everyone's personal needs.

Their main channel videos are still more suited to the young 'un's though! There might be subtle hints to more adult topics in some of their songs (e.g. the mum demonstrating the "carousel ride" in the Get Of The Phone Song"), but I can't name a Disney movie that doesn't have a subtle adult reference in it to be honest!

I hope I haven't come across as rude here, I'm really not trying to be! Whoever is reading this, I hope you are having a good day :)

Well said!

I completely agree with the language part of your comment. I found your comment only after I've posted mine, so there is some overlap. I can see how some words might be more problematic for some than they are for others. But I don't really think they're swearing on GMM. The context in which they use their words is quite PG.

Also, The episodes get reviewed prior to uploading. There's obviously some editing and post production going on. I'm sure the editors would - and probably did - ask Rhett and Link about that before uploading.


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