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Think original people. Not Adam.

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Lets name is Thelma!

     Like from Scooby-Doo

We should name Link's Adams apple, " Alfred " because it's always there when Link needs it, like Alfred is to Batman.



Way to be unoriginal, Victoria. :P

Now, I'm not completely against the funny Adam, but when it comes down to it, I like Little Link. As for Rhett's beard and left eyebrow,

Beard = Harry (Get it?)

Eyebrow = Larry (just because)

we should name it Biggin'

lets name it Biggin'

I think it should be named... Hrrmmmm... *Opens math textbook to random page* Ellery or Judith. (Oh generic textbook names)

If not, I think Thelma would be pretty hillarious.

Phat Tony the Zombie?

Link's already named it: The Goozle.


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