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February 2, 2013 @ 10AM PST

LIVE chat with Rhett and Link here on the Kommunity!!

Premier Trailer by: Donna (PeachGeek)!


  • Here is the link to the entire script:


  • Here is the link to all of R&Ls Gutless Wonder readings:


  • Click HERE for the latest update on this project...
  • Cast of the Movie:

Gutless Wonders: The Movie
A Kommunity Kollaboration...

Script written by: Rhett and Link (age 14)
Directed by: Rachel (Nezulupantro)

Introduction/Scene 1: Alan Davidson
Scene 2: Amir (MegaMoose) and Brandon W. (TheGaurdianOfArlon)
Scene 3:Rachel (Nezulupantro) and Karrie (TheOriginalBookworm)
Scene 4:Solomon Triffit
Scene 5:Meals Xanthe (PirateElephant)
Scene 6:Maggie H. (JoffreyCat)
Scene 7: Ross (Rossmallow)
Scene 8:Ezra Elliot
Scene 9:Ben Wallace/Corfisto
Scene 10:Sir Chantry
Scene 11 (Written by Rizdub): Rachel (Nezulupantro) and Karrie (TheOriginalBookworm)
Scene 12: Maddie (Featherzorse)
Scene 13 (Written by: Anna (Hydropheonixsiren): Abby (TheAbominableUnixombie)
Smitty Scenes:Ratonbat (RatOnTheBat)
Credits Soundtrack: Ezra Elliot

Edited by: Rachel (Nezulupantro) and Ivette (Quadricorn)
Special thanks to: William (Hermonat) and Donna (PeachGeek)
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I said I can't do it…don't think I have the time and a good enough camera
I've got an Idea, I'm thinking we let three people pick each scene, seeing not everyone is getting what thu want or they are missing out, then once everyone has filmed their scenes we can get a group or panel of judges (maybe even Rhett and link) and we pick the top one from each of the 3 videos for each scene and we use those for the final spiced movie at the end. And the others we can still have on YouTube we will just put them into a playlist so they will not be forgotten.

while i understand what you are proposing, i am still having difficulty getting each scene assigned to just one person. there are about 8 scenes available right now that  no one has claimed.

let me know if you are interested in any of them :)

Ok, as more people see this chat you will probably get more and more requests. Can I please do scene 14 but do you know where it starts; I can't tell?

i believe that the end of scene 13 is :

Well, we must be moving on to other
wildlife encounters.
Ok. Bye.
Cut to Rhett and Link watching the video."

then 14 begins.

Yep that ones good I can do that :D

oh that was helpful! XD thanks. I thought I had all the way to the end! XD

Could I do scene twelve?

absolutely! scene 12 is yours!

have fun :)


but i will remind you and just make sure that you realize...scene 12 is not complete! "The scene just stops." so if you still want scene 12, it will be up to you to decide if you want to add an ending. if you want, you could recruit other mythical beasts to help you write the end of that scene! if you create a discussion to do so, i will advertise it for you here :) lmk

could i do scene 5!  I love how weird that scene is and it would be an honor to be able to produce and film it!

sure! thanks! scene 5 is yours :)


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