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February 2, 2013 @ 10AM PST

LIVE chat with Rhett and Link here on the Kommunity!!

Premier Trailer by: Donna (PeachGeek)!


  • Here is the link to the entire script:


  • Here is the link to all of R&Ls Gutless Wonder readings:


  • Click HERE for the latest update on this project...
  • Cast of the Movie:

Gutless Wonders: The Movie
A Kommunity Kollaboration...

Script written by: Rhett and Link (age 14)
Directed by: Rachel (Nezulupantro)

Introduction/Scene 1: Alan Davidson
Scene 2: Amir (MegaMoose) and Brandon W. (TheGaurdianOfArlon)
Scene 3:Rachel (Nezulupantro) and Karrie (TheOriginalBookworm)
Scene 4:Solomon Triffit
Scene 5:Meals Xanthe (PirateElephant)
Scene 6:Maggie H. (JoffreyCat)
Scene 7: Ross (Rossmallow)
Scene 8:Ezra Elliot
Scene 9:Ben Wallace/Corfisto
Scene 10:Sir Chantry
Scene 11 (Written by Rizdub): Rachel (Nezulupantro) and Karrie (TheOriginalBookworm)
Scene 12: Maddie (Featherzorse)
Scene 13 (Written by: Anna (Hydropheonixsiren): Abby (TheAbominableUnixombie)
Smitty Scenes:Ratonbat (RatOnTheBat)
Credits Soundtrack: Ezra Elliot

Edited by: Rachel (Nezulupantro) and Ivette (Quadricorn)
Special thanks to: William (Hermonat) and Donna (PeachGeek)
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okay. I'll take 13.

yes, you got it, Maddie! scene 13 is yours.


thanks Rachel! :DD

I could probably do 14, 13 or 9. Once two of them have been taken Ill do the one left over :D

ok, sure! be sure to check back on your own and post which you decide on to ensure you get a part! thanks.

14 is now left. do you still want it? :)

When does scene 13 finish? I can't really find it... depending where it finishes, I could make that one...

i believe that the end of scene 13 is :

Well, we must be moving on to other
wildlife encounters.
Ok. Bye.
Cut to Rhett and Link watching the video."

but you guys are right...it doesnt specify where scene 14 starts (from what i can see)

I want to do Scene 13! By the way I am a rookie filmmaker so I do have some experience with this stuff.

Wait... When does Scene 13 end and Scene 14 begin????

my apologies, maddie (featherzorse) already claimed this scene earlier :( is there a 2nd choice of a scene that you want?

I want to do one (or half of one...there's a lot of people who want to do something), but I should probably rewatch it because I don't remember. I'm thinking either the genie/cab driver one or the chicken leg conversation. 


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