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February 2, 2013 @ 10AM PST

LIVE chat with Rhett and Link here on the Kommunity!!

Premier Trailer by: Donna (PeachGeek)!


  • Here is the link to the entire script:


  • Here is the link to all of R&Ls Gutless Wonder readings:


  • Click HERE for the latest update on this project...
  • Cast of the Movie:

Gutless Wonders: The Movie
A Kommunity Kollaboration...

Script written by: Rhett and Link (age 14)
Directed by: Rachel (Nezulupantro)

Introduction/Scene 1: Alan Davidson
Scene 2: Amir (MegaMoose) and Brandon W. (TheGaurdianOfArlon)
Scene 3:Rachel (Nezulupantro) and Karrie (TheOriginalBookworm)
Scene 4:Solomon Triffit
Scene 5:Meals Xanthe (PirateElephant)
Scene 6:Maggie H. (JoffreyCat)
Scene 7: Ross (Rossmallow)
Scene 8:Ezra Elliot
Scene 9:Ben Wallace/Corfisto
Scene 10:Sir Chantry
Scene 11 (Written by Rizdub): Rachel (Nezulupantro) and Karrie (TheOriginalBookworm)
Scene 12: Maddie (Featherzorse)
Scene 13 (Written by: Anna (Hydropheonixsiren): Abby (TheAbominableUnixombie)
Smitty Scenes:Ratonbat (RatOnTheBat)
Credits Soundtrack: Ezra Elliot

Edited by: Rachel (Nezulupantro) and Ivette (Quadricorn)
Special thanks to: William (Hermonat) and Donna (PeachGeek)
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Awesome!! Way to go :)

Hello, creative ones.  For those of you who did not get a scene for the live action version of Gutless Wonders.  Maybe you could help us make the animated version.  Details are in the new discussion. 

If you know any animators, send them here!  Thanks, y'all! 

Yay! Glad this project is working out! Great oppurtunity for people who didnt get a scene here :)

Animation was what I originally intended on doing for my scene, so...should I join them over there? Then someone who wanted to film a scene with people could get the barber scene. 

well, it is up to you. if animation is more convenient for you, and you really don't think that you can still do the barber scene, then its okay. i will try to contact someone who did not receive a scene here that wanted one.

before i do though, let me know what you are doing for sure :)

I'm thinking I'll definitely jump over to the animation team. It's easier for me to animate and would be more consistent, rather than one animated scene in a entire show of live action.


Great -- that opens the door for someone else to do a live one and everybody gets to do their thang : ) 

absolutely :) let me know if you find anyone to fill in for that scene!

I thought there was a waiting list!


Last I heard was on this discussion from Joe Repp (The Joezen One)


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