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Post your R&L or Kommunity themed Haiku's.

Rhett and Link Dot Com
Where I go for many laughs
Watching their videos

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Rhett and Link's are abundant.
Leaves turn, fall from tree,
Snow flies, spring blooms, seasons change -
Rhett and Link remain
The air flows fresh, crisp
unlike that of summer night-
SETI Song beckons.
nice haikus Annalise!

How do you do the haiku that you do so well? (That's a modified version of a line from the song 'Witchcraft'...)

Annalise said:
CW was unworthy.
The Beasts love them best!

It's live on the internet
Forget the puppies.

"Think versus say" is
Rhett's motto you can live by.
I am more like Link.
I wake up at night
With a song stuck in my head
Curse you, Cornhole Song.
These have been so fun to read! Such creative people on this site. Here's another attempt from me, although technically, mine have not been haiku. They have the syllable count, but that's about it. lol :)

To internetain -
They had to be willing to
Color unicorns
Rhett and Link shirt came
I attacked the poor mailman
He thinks I'm postal
Searching on Youtube
Found Rhett and Link videos
Best day of my life

My poor attempt at a haiku^ =)
Rain, sleet, snow, or sun
RhettandLinKasts for the win
Thursdays nights are best
LOL! That's awesome!!!

Emily Collins (The Dark Horse) said:
Rhett and Link shirt came
I attacked the poor mailman
He thinks I'm postal
Rhett and Link Dot Com
Is the place to find the songs
While I eat my food

Thank you. My next show'll be in twenty minutes. Same place, same wore out piano.
Lobsters and bear pee,
Barbeque Review and cheese.
Hilarity reigns!


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