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Hello it has come to my attention that some people are not informed as well as they should about this so i shall explain.

1. this is just a title during chat for fun and all

2. who wouldn't want this title is fun

3. being the press is to be a role model per say

4. The pickle who is running seams to be a very good candidate.

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I'll run for komm president because i know enough to get around. I been here for a while and met many wonderful people and hope to keep meeting more as i progress over the years. If chosen i will start events in the chat that will be fun yes fun!- paid for by parakeetmaster101 for president 

im not running and think chat pres is a bad idea . first of all how will people vote? next i would like to ensure that this campaigning is fair and respectful . i would hate for negative ads and spam to be all over because of this so ya.

IT will be done all in one place here the form we will vote on a voting site where 1 vote per ip and it will be shown live though a live stream. All negative ads are prohibited. Any other questions my good mythical beast?

do you have a specific way to organize all the campaging . if word gets out bout this i imagine alot of people will want to be heard . will they post ads on here on chat or on peoples pages or what 

IF people what they can make picture ads to represent themselves that way its easier to find for everyone and more popular this gets more people can see it 

well, think i should be President because i'm nice and would be a great president, but i'm only 13, so...

Don't worry and age is not a requirement all that is important is that you are a mythical mythical beast 

I'm a mythical mythical  beast. So I guess I qualify. But no, I'm not running. But I'd like to ensure everyone that a Pickle is running, this Pickle is a pickle and not a human. It doesn't talk or do anything, but It's running, and your gonna vote for it.

I'm running for Komm President because I already have a LOT of past experience in that kind of leadership. I am a kind and gentle leader but will raise my voice-- er, font-- if I have to. When President, I promise to do as much as I can for my fellow Mythical Beasts, whether it be solving an argument to suggesting a topic for conversation. My grammar and spelling are flawless, should that be of concern to any "grammar Nazis" out there. Under my Presidency, you can expect not just a good time, but also freedom and justice for all. Thank you.

--Jonah(Ruler of Earth)



Thank you for running.

Great! i think you would be a great chat pres

*I am a kind and gentle leader[,] but will raise my voice

Missing comma grammar error detected.

But that's okay. You don't have to be a perfect president; you just have to be a good one.


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