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By now, anyone who is a true mythical beast

should be fully aware of 

KBE: Project Lionel 

. . . and many of you have even participated

by contributing a pic of your very own.

Then later we spoofed it up even further with

KBE: Project Nigel

. . . not so many participants but fun all the same.


So, now it's about time for another . . .

This one pays homage to "the pose" as captured from

the R&L interview recorded during YouTube's Comedy Week

(video published May 22, 2013)


  1. find a friend (or recreate yourself via photoshop)
  2. strike "The Pose" as if you are making for a fast exit
  3. take a picture
  4. post it here

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Wow, was Project Nigel really two years ago? That is crazy!

I am unable to photograph at the moment, but I'll certainly try to get my picture up soon. I wouldn't want to ruin my perfect "pose" KBE attendance record.

I'm totally up for this! I'll post my picture up soon :-)

I was so afraid of overlap that I kind of created an unattractive rift of dead space in the middle. Oh well!

haha, nice Gumbo! I'm so late on this, but I guess I can do one since I participated in the last one. I'll probably drag Jacob into it with me.


compromised image reload:

I like it too, but the Lionel poses should be on a different thread  for consistency - - -

KBE: Project Lionel 

I would love to continue my streak, is it too late to upload a picture, Gumbo?


http://rhettandlinkommunity.com/photo/the-pose?context=user sorry i did not just upload it directly but oh well

Sorry, Max . . . nice attempt, but the photo you just uploaded in a reclined position is actually THE LIONEL (see Project Lionel KBE here) and not THE POSE . . . please re-check the instructions above.

oops wrong photo i will redo it


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