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Link Suggested to me after seeing these I make them a KBE! Sounds like a blast to me! Here's the skinny, first of all, (from my post in the FANART discussion):

So I have finally finished my next bit of fanart... RhettandLink Fold-A-Figures! Allow me to explain...

I originally created the Fold-A-Figures as a way to sell "action figures" of the characters in my comic book at comic-book conventions without actually paying the huge amount of money to make them in the traditional sense... these figures are printed out onto cardstock, the pieces cut out, folded, glued, and voila! Semi-poseable action figures!

I decided to create Fold-A-Figure versions of RhettandLink and post them so that you mythical beasts can create your own mini R&Ls! Go ahead and color 'em too! (I do the whole thing by hand... if any of my instructions are unclear or illegible please let me know and I'll try and clarify 'em for ya! Be sure to adjust your printers to print 'em at 81/2 by 11 unless you want REALLY big figures) And a special thanks to the kommunity members whose Mythical Beasts make a cameo in the instruction sheet... now, I realize these are a little labor intensive, but with a little hard work and a fair amount of glue, I hope you'll agree the hard work is worth it! Have fun and be beastly, everybody!

So let's see some photos of finished Fold-A-Figures! Heck, go crazy! What about some stop motion Fold-A-Figure Rhett and Link videos? Get busy folding you kreative Mythical beasts, you! (don't forget to tag your entries as" foldafigure kbe"!)

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Will be definitely be doing this on my Christmas vacations!
tht looks rlly hard but maybe ill try!
Another view of the Link Fold-a-Figure.



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