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Ok heres the plan. We all know about project Lional but i have another project in mind. Ok so everyone has there favorite song from Rhett and Link and all u have to do in this project is just lip dub the song u like the most. And for those of u that have no idea what a lib dub is, it is u mouthing the words of a song. So please contribute!:)

                      From Ryan Harris (The Flying Mango)

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Love the idea, F-Mango. And I'd definitely LOVE to see people incorporate a picture with the mouth cut out like you did. that was hilarious! ::> http://rhettandlink.ning.com/video/the-hoover-dam

Do it people!
Wow.... it's harder then i thought....
Ok so wait. Are we required to dance?
no, but if u want to sure


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