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You should be able to express yourself without being made fun of
That's what everyone says but I'm not a high top kind of person anyways.

Chiasquatch, I think there should definitely be a new color of mythical shoe. Try something like teal. Why, there could even be a whole program to custom design your own kind of  "mythical." The world is holding its breath.

It should have the Rhett and link icon on the outside (right of the right shoe and left of the left shoe) and the cockatrice on the top of the toe of the shoe and be blue and green
Didn't catch this prior to making that comment about the colors... but yeah, more colors would be cool if possible.
You shoud add wheels in the heals.and make it so that you can change out the wheels.and so that you can remove the wheel and have just a normal shoe.like heely's .you and rhett can sign them
I agree doctor. A geeky converse would be nice. Please keep the pick pouch, though.

There should be a Mythical Shoes 3.0

All I ask is that you make green ones with white trim/laces. I would buy the crap out of those. AAAAAAND I just realized this discussion was from 4 years ago.... :[

I'm a little disappointed the shoes didn't end up being more of like a Dutch wooden clog.

1.There should be ur logo on the bottom

2. it should look like the mythical beast ( the mouse with wings,antler,and a tail)

  EX.) wings on the 2 sides

             eyes in the front

              hands and etc.............

4. it should have multiple colors, not just one or two


maybe have like coin pouches in the shoe and have velcro cause people may want velcro. Also have a shoe with the squirrel with antlers ( The mythical beast emblem) like on converse shoes but earthy green base colour


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