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How about some kind of super sweat absorbent, extra cushiony in-sole. I'm thinkin'.... buckwheat... or a piece of a temperpedic matress.

On another note: I wouldn't use steel toes, but definitely something that would guard the toes. Just a re-enforced toe. Maybe even with a label, labeling the toe(s). Almost as if ...it were a skeletal replica of your foot. :-)

If those ideas don't sit well with you then here's a better one. You know how they have those pedometers? Well, wouldn't it be AWESOME if the pedometer was built-into the shoe but it wasn't a pedometer. Instead it was a low wattage generator. So that as you walked you charged a battery or created a charge of like 5V or something.. Then you could route that to a USB port also built-into the shoe, from which you could charge anything to an iPod to your ...... laptop?
Nice Idea!! I was thinkin like skater shoes - you could apply your idea along with the skater shoes and it would be wonderful! either way though - good idea!

Tom Mcsalad (Qiqimph) said:
you should make shoes that don't have a specific foot they go on (no more right shoe- left shoe)
ok well this is my shoe i did it on paint so its a bit dodgy but you sorta get the idea
i was drawing it but then i cant get it on the computer so i did this i hope you like it! :)
the back of the left shoe says mythical and the right says beast

I'm just gonna post what I put on facebook too. I'm really pushing for this idea!

The shoes should most definitely have little speakers in them so that you can listen to your favorite dance tunes and share the music! Dance party in a shoe! Or for the head-bangers, you and your pals can have sweet air band sessions! Or for lovers of ska, skank to your hearts content! With music in your shoes! It's a great idea. you know it is.

And to add to that. I like the light up idea, except I think that you should be able to turn the lights off at will. In case you are playing hide-and-seek at night, or flashlight tag, or sneaking up on a grizzly bear in it's cave. I would want to be able to get in touch with my stealthy, nocturnal mythical beast side. The shoe should definitely have some like dinosaur footprint on the bottom too.
I saw one of the tread designs that had "mythical" on the bottom. If we make it an exercise shoe, we should have it read "Mythilo-cal"
The shoes should be high top converse that say I AM MYTHICAL, I AM BEAST in huge letters. Over the words there should be a collage of items featured in your videos............. of course there should be the mythical beast logo on the shoe. I like the idea that the shoes bottoms should say R & L (Right & Left or Rhett & Link) R on the right and L on the left. They should have your faces on the bottom too! I can't wait to buy these , good luck!
My idea is that the shoe would look like a chuck taylor high top layered with a low top over it. The under layer ,the high-top part ,should look like a sock with the mythical beast symbol in the top left hand corner. The under layer, the low top part, should say I AM MYTHICAL, I AM BEAST over and over again with various items from your videos over top. I do like the R & L idea for the shoes's underside. I can't wait to buy these shoes! : )
I really think the shoe tread should have a beast-ish footprint design, so it would leave beast footprints when you walk. The shoes could be named "THE BEAST", and this could be printed on each shoe, like a logo.

I made a sample of a "beast footprint shoe tread"....and then I saw that a couple other people also had the same idea. I guess mythical beasts think alike! :)
I uploaded it to the Tweak thing, but I posted it on the Kommunity as well:
Another Fe-Mell, JeanetteWifeMoMhorphin, and I decided to collaborate on a shoe design. She had an idea for a shoe but was looking for someone to illustrate her idea. I told her that I would try to draw her shoe idea.

I think it should definately have velcro and the bottom should have beast prints.
My idea is in my photos :) It needs horns!


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