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Shoes looks great! Good job to the Manifold Mind of Many Magnificent and Mythical Beasties who contributed to the Marvelous Mythical Shoe.
*looks down at her own green shoes*

My green Chucks were around $70. I got them for Christmas when I was 14. They're holey now... and holy. They've been everywhere with me. They've been to NYC, met several celebrities and internet friends, made my outfits awesomer. I once let my sister have them and then really missed them, and so was relieved when she gave them back.

Moral: shoes are not just footwear.

I think I could only replace them with mythical green (and blue) shoes. I will find a way to do so!
I know the shoes are already out and everything, but I would LOVE to see more feminine shoes :) a new version that I can be involved in the making of, cuz I came here recently :) I was thinking maybe they could be personalized with your mythical beast names ;)

You do realize this thread is two years old, right?


It's already a DONE DEAL ! ! !   see here > > >

Get the Mythical Shoe, the shoe YOU helped design, from Tweak Footwear.

LOL Gumbo....I <3 my Mythical Shoes but the first (and only) time I wore them I got the WORST blisters on the back of my heels....I don't know what that was about, I mean, I've "broken in" shoes before till they're comfortable but these hurt BADLY!!!!   :(

green flames period

please do a chuck Taylor or converse style because they are a nice style that are awesome and plez make them blue i would treasure them  OK.also give them some geeky stuff.plez

it should come in green with blue detail

make shoes made of fur for night link and red ninja shows for night rhett

it has to be a converse

uh, Doc . . . maybe you didn't notice that this discussion is 3 years old?

We need a new mythical shoe that is a low top or a boot or something because people at our school get made fun of for wearing high tops. I still want to show of my mythicalness and have a pick holster, though! (;^D)))))))


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