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So me and Shelby (stonecoldyeti) a.k.a. Mustang made scary Halloween pics! Halloween is almost here so we think you should make a scary pic too. just take a pic making your best scary face or in your costume or draw one, whatever you want to make you Halloween pic. Do it by Halloween and post it here!!

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I'll probably upload some halloween pics of me on halloween xD
That is like the ultimate compliment!

Mack (Alrokabeesk) said:

lol, so lame and not scary, i know.
Not lame! The bandage on your finger and the lamp attacking your head made this a great shot! LOL!

Kristen (The ARGLEFLARG!) said:
lol, so lame and not scary, i know.
this is great guys!!!! im happy this went over so well, its not Halloween yet tho!! keep it up! tell ur friends!!!
Preliminary makeup test. Much much more to come!

*disclaimer: I don't believe in vampires..and I don't celebrate halloween. But, I wanted to help build the kommunity so I did this KBE. Also, thanks to www.picnik.com.
I can see everything...

XD I think so too.

Elysium {NekoYoukai} said:
That is like the ultimate compliment!

That's funny.


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