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So me and Shelby (stonecoldyeti) a.k.a. Mustang made scary Halloween pics! Halloween is almost here so we think you should make a scary pic too. just take a pic making your best scary face or in your costume or draw one, whatever you want to make you Halloween pic. Do it by Halloween and post it here!!

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This is wonderful you guys!

This is sooooooo awesomely awesome!!

oh thats cool! i would never have thought of that!
given my total lack of artistic skills, I must once again rely on my friends at JibJab . . .

That is SO fliiping cool! props to you gumbo!
This is as scary as I get

oh geez that IS scary
wow guys! this is cooooool!
awesome guys!!! so glad all of u did it! get others to do it too!!! its fun!
Last year, I posted a little slide show of my transformation as I prepared my costume for our church's Fall Festival. It's around here somewhere. I'll do the same thing this year, so I'll post that next week. I'm an ice princess this year...white, white, white.


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