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**UPDATE** You all really came through by commenting with some really great questions.  Thanks so much for being your mythical best.  

**UPDATE** Let's extend the deadline to this Friday night.  THANKS FOR ALL OF YOUR BEASTLY CONTRIBUTIONS!  HAVE FUN!! **

Hey Mythical Beasts!

We'd like your help in creating questions for a brand new trivia pack for our Trivy App.  Back in July, you all answered our call and developed some fantastic questions for our first Trivy pack, which dedicated to general knowledge related to us and the content we've created.  Will you help us again?  I smell another fun Kommunity Building Exercise :)

Our idea for this brand new Trivy Pack is to make it all about GMM episode trivia—so, interesting information/facts presented in GMM.  The pack will be a fun "test your knowledge" to see how well Mythical Beasts were paying attention to the information we presented. We’re thinking we’ll probably focus on Season 7 and 8; and we’ll need at least 250 questions…

Sidenote:  We are also working up an digital prize that is unlocked when players complete the Trivy pack.  So that should be fun!  Shhhh it's a secret.

So, in the comments on this thread, please write your suggested trivia questions (sourced from GMM Seasons 7 and 8).  Focus on memorable/interesting tidbits.  If possible, include not only the correct answer, but also 3 other false answers for the multiple choices. *Note* Each multiple choice answer should be short so that it fits within the app!

DEADLINE:  Unfortunately, we're under a tight deadline...please submit your ideas by next Wednesday night, FEB 10th. 

The Kmods will be helping us gather and format your questions so that we can load the ones we select into the app.  

Thanks so much- you are truly being your mythical best!  

Most of all - have fun with it! - R&L

Here’s a few examples of the flavor of questions we’re looking for:

1- Who committed around 1000 burglaries while living 27 years in isolation in Maine?

The North Pond Hermit + 3 false answers

2-Countess Amanda Fielding drilled a hole in her own skull, which is a process known as what?

Trepanning + 3 false answers

3. At work, there are 200 times more bacteria on your ____ than on your toilet seat."

Keyboard + 3 false answers

4. In 2009, the University of Texas reported that 100 jars of WHAT went missing?

Brains + 3 false answers

5.  Jeff Ingram, suffering from dissociative fugue, was found behind a dumpster in Denver and had no clue who he was. What name did he go by on local news?

Al + 3 false answers

6.  Which of the following is NOT a real dating site?

A. repotted.com

B. bikerkiss.com

C. vampersonals.com

D. match.com


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What episode of Doctor Who was interrupted by a mysterious hijacker in 1987?

a) Horror of Fang Rock

b) The Invasion of Time

c) Image of the Fendahl

d) The Invisible Enemy

Answer: A (GMM 626)

A mysterious figure who hijacked a Chicago TV signal in 1987 was wearing what?

a) Guy Fawkes mask

b) Max Headroom mask

c) Pantyhose over his head

d) A three-piece suit

Answer: B (GMM 626) 

Who is Max Headroom?

a) A Vegas performer from the 90s

b) The Guinness World Record holder for largest forehead

c) A WWE wrestler

d) The first computer-generated TV host in Britain

Answer: D (GMM 626) 

Where is the Overtoun Bridge located?

a) Turkey

b) Russia

c) Scotland

d) Hawaii

Answer: C (GMM 626) 

What unexplained phenomenon happens once per year at the Overtoun Bridge?

a) A dog jumps to its death

b) A troll prevents people from crossing

c) An earthquake shakes only the bridge

d) A woman with long hair is seen floating over it

Answer: A (GMM 626) 

What was the name of the man found naked, sunburned, and injured in a Burger King parking lot in 2004?

a) Samuel

b) Richard

c) Harry

d) Benjamin

Answer: D (GMM 626) 

On what TV show did an amnesiac man named Benjamin appear?

a) Oprah

b) 60 Minutes

c) Dr. Phil

d) Dateline

Answer: C (GMM 626) 

In what year did a man by the name Dan Cooper hijack a plane, take $200,000, then jump out?

a) 1971

b) 1976

c) 1989

d) 1993

Answer: A (GMM 626) 

Who was the host of the show Unsolved Mysteries?

a) Dan Rather

b) John Walsh

c) Pat Sajak 

d) Robert Stack

Answer: D (GMM 626)

What weird summer camp can adults go to?
A) Zombie Survival Camp
B) Wizards and Warriors Camp
C) Ninja Warrior Camp
D) Circus and Performing Art Camp
Answer: C (GMM 709)
In GMM they only mentioned the ninja one allowing adults
What world record does Antanas Kontrimas hold?
A. World fastest texter
B. most weight lifted with a human beard
C. Longest time slept without waking
D. Oldest person alive
Answer: B (GMM 689)
Who has lifted the most weight with his/her tongue?
A. Thomas Blackthorne
B. Rhett McLaughlin
C. John Smith
D. BeeZow Doo Doo Zoppitybop Bop Bop
Answer: A (GMM 689)
What 2 stores did Jeffery Allen live in in 2000?
A. Walmart and Target
B. Circut City and Toys R Us
C. Sears and Aeropostale
D. Old Navy and Dollar General
Answer: B (GMM 687)
Who lived in Jennifer Lopez's pool house for 6 days?
A. Sam Thompson
B. John M. Dubis
C. Joseph L. Bush
D. Johnny Jones
Answer: B (GMM 687)

Okay I'm gonna do this!!

What does it mean when Mercury is in retrograde?

A Mercury's orbit around the sun is temporarily smaller

B Mercury's velocity is doubled

C Mercury starts moving in reversed direction

D Mercury appears to move backwards from earth's perspective

Answer: D (GMM 761)

There are five boohbah's, what color does neither of them have?

A Green

B Orange

C Blue

D Red

Answer: A (GMM 752)

Which of the following things was once stolen from The University of Texas?

A 3 donuts from the principal's office

B 20 desks

C 100 human brains

D $10.000 worth of books

Answer: C (GMM 737)

What did Sampson Parker do when his hand gets caught in a harvester?

A He calls his girlfriend and proposes

B He immediately calls an ambulence

C He breaks the machine with an iron rod and is unharmed

D He accidently sets the machine on fire and cuts his forearm off

Answer: D (GMM 734)

How hot is the end of a gathering iron in glass blowing?

A 200 degrees

B 1000 degrees

C 2000 degrees

D 5000 degrees

Answer: C (GMM 746)

How did Link propose to his wife?
A) With a musical number
B) Without a ring
C) With an X-Ray of a ring
D) With a bunch dancing carrots

Correct answer: B
Source: GMMore for GMM 854

Let's EXTEND to Friday!  Thanks so much for your mythical contributions!!  

And thanks to the KMods for helping group all of these for us :)  

No problem, Link! :D


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