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It's simple. Just post a baby photo of yourself. Let's see how cute we all were before we turned mythical!

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That playpen was delicious.

What can I say? I was adorable. It's a shame that had to end :P

So cute!! i love that little dress

Me and my grandfather! I made 'jewelry' out of monkey grass :) Not exactly a baby, but young enough? All of y'alls are SO cute!

I had fabulous fashion sense! Rockin' that knee pad.

Being vacuumed... topless! : O

Sisterly love by a rather hideous, Rhett & Linkish couch.
Too cute guys!!
I'm a COWBOY ! ! !

where are your feet? i can't see them lol

Love me some twizzlers!!!
RATS! I was gonna post my pic just like that one. Never mind.

Tylar (Tylwyth Teg) said: Being vacuumed... topless! : O

me in a suit case :D

I<3 that bunny!!! i still have it :D

what do you think about the place where i sleep???

me at my first camping trip :D
btw... i planned to upload 1... but my mom started showing a 100 pics :P so the least i could do is upload 4 of them :D


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