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Yes it has happened - I watched the video where lovely Link placed my knitted hat upon his head (video titled "swedish monkey turds") and heard Rhett say the word caramel. Automatically I thought - hmmm I think this should go under the burning questions forum...S


So Link - how do you pronounce caramel?...


Rhett - do you always pronounce it kara-mell?...


And for all other mythical beasts of awesomeness - what do you think?


(I pronounce it Kahr-mull)

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I say that it rhymes with Fe-mell :)
so we both pronounce it the same (correct) way. with 3 syllables. right?
I definitely pronounce it Kahr-mel. Most people do up here in Wisconsin.
Kara-mell all the way across the sky!
I pronounce it car-mull. Even though it's written to have three syllables.
Car-mull for me! Whenever I say cara-mell I feel pretentious.
I waffle... doing it both ways... I guess I'm just weird!
Kahr-mull, totally! I'm from Missouri, and anyone who said cara-mell was automatically stuffy and snooty. I get laughed at for saying it like this in California.
sorry link but gota go Kahr-mull, totally
Darn Even the dictionary is Mr. wishy washy on this one
car·a·mel is pronounced both ways\ˈker-ə-məl,ˈkär-məl; ˈka-rə-, -ˌmel\

I say it depends on what your buying (whether its fancy or not)
Its always Kahr-mull apples or at Halloween those littleKahr-mull squares thrown in trick your treat bag
but when you buy the Wertherford hard candys or Sees Candies (in best imitation of posh voice with stiff upper lip) its Kara-mell
You know like Grey Poupon.....vs........ Mustard

Me I likes the Kahr-mells, chocolate , toffee, coffee flavored, vanilla ( except butterscotch) Bleh : P......
I've always said Car.a.mel I didn't know there was any other way =| But I think I prefer Car.a.mel. I don't know Kahr-mull just sounds a little weird to Meh...
I say Kahr-mell.

XD Honest and true.
I think i'd pronounce it as kara-mell :D


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