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So, everyone has been speculating alot about it! Stevie somewhat snuck over a hint on her twitter about that not being why she was on any recent GMC's! I also think they posted something about the secret project on their tumblr if im not mistaken... anyway, ive been prowling around on the social medias, i.e; instgram, twittet, tumblr, and facebook (IM HOOOOOOOOKED, ON FACEBOOOOOOOOK! *recorder solo*) but seriously, some of the speculations include, but are not limited to;
- a music video dedicated to the mythical beasts
- a skit dedicated to the mythical beasts
-the food network appearance
-a secret planned meet up at a few of the mythicons
-a super special gmm (i kinda got confused on that one)

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I'll bet that the extra-long summer break has something to do with it.  Is six weeks enough time to film a movie? : )

A very small indie movie could be filmed in 6 weeks. Many have been filmed in less. A documentary like Looking for Ms Locklear definitely could be.

I don't think we're getting a feature length movie from them any time soon though. It's a big risk and very few Youtuber movies get a good reception. Although I do think if any really big Youtubers could pull one off, it'd be R&L. 

could be, they could also have already been filming since there is a lack of activity on their other channels. I'm really excited to find out what it is though.

I follow Christy with my personal on Instagram, and she posted recently saying something about a "first day of filming a dream project". Not sure if that helps, but FILMING! :D

Here are some clues that I've seen --

Rhett posted to his Instagram a few weeks ago that he and Link are recording music: https://www.instagram.com/p/BF5jDs1w7W4

Ben Eck (of the crew) posted a photo of him in the YouTube LA space saying that he's working: https://www.instagram.com/p/BGIsiYGCz0x

Stevie confirmed several days ago that she is working on Rhett and Link's secret project: https://twitter.com/StevieWLevine/status/741762897051672577

A few Mythical Beasts posted on social media yesterday that they spotted Rhett and Link filming in Venice Beach! https://twitter.com/radhalle/status/742456794589462532

https://www.facebook.com/beth.saguilla  Well, go to this public page and scroll down about 10 posts or so until you see a FB LIVE video innocently captured by folks that had no idea what they were witnessing. Listen to the audio and I believe it is confirmed that it is a YouTube Red project. YouTube Red anyone?

A little over 5 minutes of BTS.

This may sound stupid- What is YouTube Red? My understanding is it's a paid subscription for more content

your basically allowed to watch a few different series and have no ads that's about it.

Youtube Red? That's disappointing... It's pretty expensive, imo, and only available in like three countries. 

I rEALLY hope it isn't a YT Red project.. I wouldn't be able to watch :P Hopefully they know that, though.  Plus, I'm not gonna get a YTR subscription JUST to watch special RandL vids. I'm sure a number of Mythical Beasts wouldn't either.  God, the rest of the ideas sound SUPER awesome, though.  Like, I am down for literally all the other secret things that you mentioned, as long as I don't have to pay for any subscriptions XD


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